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  2. Kek. I was literally typing "Ah 'Dance Gavin Dance' my favorite Dance Gavin Dance song" until I saw your post. :b
  3. I know. I just think of it as an EP since that was before they started going in a slightly different direction. Sound I mean. Don't get me wrong I dig The Hollow and The Challenger but I do understand how some still consider Sleepwalking as their #1 pick from MMF. It's a solid record. After this post I went back and gave Sleepwalking a good ol Start-to-finish re-listen and I agree it's some of their best stuff. I don't mind that they kinda lightened up on the southern rock sound that album had but I feel like The Hollow was basically as good as Sleepwalking minus the southern vibe. I kinda hope MMF goes back to their roots a bit. I believe it's not a lack of skill, but a lack of direction. Side note; I don't get how people never understood MMF were Christian. The lyrics just had more depth about it whereas recently it's much more blunt. But still a solid band. Just need to go back to their roots a bit.
  4. Today
  5. Great comeback song
  6. Was expecting this to be more catchy... kinda boring tho..
  7. first track RULES, what are you on about?
  8. Thank you!! cant wait to hear in 320
  9. Yesterday
  10. 320 and iTunes have arrived!
  11. I'm digging the fuck out of this.
  12. RIP to one of the best bands in our scene. Such underrated band for sure.
  13. There's 18 tracks on the album, so there better be something you all enjoy on it.
  14. Well thats an interesting opinion
  15. What made them think that making an album like this was a good idea
  16. can you update the links? both links are dead
  17. That's what I'm saying, that album had some gems on it. Really catchy stuff on there, with this album (in my opinion) the only good songs were Walking The Wire, Whatever It Takes, and Rise Up. The rest were not memorable to me whatsoever.
  18. Good topic, I've got the same interest, you've given me a nice list of stuff to check out thanks
  19. I am not a huge pop punk fan.. but I always listen to every one of em when they get released cos every record has 2-3 catchy sad tunes ... in this case laps around the frame, who cares? and summer stained
  20. Release - June 17th, 2017 Genre - Progressive Metalcore Quality - MP3, 320Kbps CBR; FLAC Tracklist: 1. Timebreaker Download Support! Facebook | Bandcamp | iTunes
  21. This is quite nice tbh
  22. Release - June 23rd, 2017 Genre - Acoustic Quality - MP3, 320Kbps CBR [email protected]'s band!' Tracklist: 5. We Are Kings Download Support! Facebook / Website
  23. Maybe rare by hundredth and this could be similar.. but damn how'd you even end up with this comparison
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