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  2. we are in agreement
  3. Leaked Release - August 24, 2017 Genre - Hip-Hop/Rap Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. I Seen This (feat. Shayla Chantel) 2. The Life 3. Good for Nothin (feat. Shayla Chantel) 4. Without the Drama (feat. Lucky 7) 5. Condition 6. Die Young (feat. Kaaoz) 7. Where Do We Go (feat. Kutt Calhoun) 8. Chosen 9. Hard Wurk 10. Committed (feat. Futuristic & J Truth) 11. Alcohol 12. Keep a Secret 13. For the Weekend 14. Maneuver (feat. Kaaoz) 15. Finish Line Downloads Support! Facebook / iTunes
  4. New links! Last time that I re-up something for you if you don't report it properly
  5. Powerful lyrics. Singers like Bob Dylan and Freddie Mercury must be really jelous they didn't release this album.
  6. Holy shit, its like Exoplanet era The Contortionist. I love it.
  7. Today
  8. I learn of a new genre every day
  9. Damn, this brings back so many memories... I've gotta say that I really dig this release.
  10. It premiered on Sirius XM Octane today (I registered with a fake ZIP code to listed to it, as I live outside of the US) and the single also leaked on here earlier on this evening. Link:
  11. Has anybody got the lyrics to this yet?
  12. I am the only one that thinks the vocals sounds a little bit like a Killswitch Engage song? It a greaat and never heard Matt's clean voice sounding this good
  13. Haha exactly the same for me! Didn't listen to them in quite a while... Man, that record was insanely good, gotta give this new one a listen in the next few days. Thanks for sharing!
  14. beautiful re-imagination, reminds me of A7X So Far Away or Seize The Day, original is still better though
  15. It's not every time, literally can't remember all the times Emarosa was posted and I don't think you can either, and yes.
  16. Links are dead.
  17. Links back up and 320 CD-rip added!
  18. AGREED
  19. This song is gold, holy shit.
  20. feeling Jack White vibes on this one
  21. didnt them released an album last year?
  22. you're my saviour, i was just looking for them. these guys are monstrous.
  23. What is going on with this trend of bands going pop? First ATL with that shitty LYR album, now this shit with 30STM, is not like they're not successful with their usual sound, and i know bands change their sound, but when they go pop, i just can't call them as something diferent then sellouts. Last album was already terrible and now i think they wanna make sure this is gonna worse.
  24. Pretty nice and chill stuff, worth checking out
  25. Never got too much into this band, but this album is amazing, if you like deathcore, death metal, you will love this period.
  26. That's odd, but this is the official release now
  27. Can't get a joke, can't you?
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