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  1. Past hour
  2. Ooh, yeah. Definitely another addition to my library
  3. This dat Egyptian-style djent. I can fuck with this HARD
  4. Fuck yes! I said something about this song being posted on YT yesterday in the chat box thing, I'm so glad it's hereee. Also, thanks for tagging me @Frak The Gods
  5. Today
  6. First deathcore-ish song posted here that I actually kind of dig in a long time Solid meat!
  7. This is really good! has a Movements vibe
  8. "God is a woman" is one of most generic songs that I had the displeasure to listen in my life, it's a very overrated song! As well as the album as a whole, pretty generic and inconstant. And GIAW's music video is just ridiculous, someone should give an advice to her and tell her to stop trying to be a "sex woman". OMG, she looks like a little girl, she doesn't have sex appeal for this, she should stop it, it's simply ridiculous!!!
  9. Saw this thread and immediately wondered if these guys got their name from Weightless by All Time Low and... yep. As for the songs: meh, standard pop/punk band, on to the next one...
  10. Like running into a brick wall!
  11. This is some good stuff, they really do sound like Sevendust. Thanks for this!
  12. Really great album actually. Didn't really like Coma Blue as a single, but the others songs are really great.
  13. Finally listened through this beast front to back because I'd get distracted all the time and would usually stop halfway through due to circumstance. I loved the singles but overall this thing's fucking great, definitely the type of melodeath metalcore vibe that's oozed by Darkest Hour's latest album, so many brilliant and beefy moments, love how they didn't fuck around and most of the songs just have this firey tempo from start to finish, and then some of the melodies on that closer track, amazing.
  14. I really really love this!! thanks for introducing this one
  15. I'm only halfway through but this is absolutely brilliant so far. Wow. Even the little 2 minute acoustic track is sublime. Edit: yep, this is fucking great, Mojave and Tuareg are fucked up.
  16. These guys are good at what they do but the down tempo deathcore genre is sooo oversaturated. I love Tyler S but I didn't recognise him at first because his vox in this are pretty compressed.
  17. Release - August 17th, 2018 Genre - Progressive Metal, Metalcore Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 02. Overdose (feat. Andy Dörner of Caliban) (2:29) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes *Album titled "Mistaken" out September 28th*
  18. @soaringshade it was just imo.. my bad.
  19. Yess Finally some variety in their sound. Also, great feature choice. AA and TWA featured some wack nonames while Browning chose an actual rapper who also has ties to hardcore, and it shows 🔥
  20. Release - August 10th, 2018 Genre - Alternative Rock, Blues Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR FFO: Royal Blood Tracklist: 04. Mud (4:08) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes *They will be releasing their debut album titled "A Walk Through Jackson Country" October 26th through Rise Records*
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