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  2. "Crabcore"
  3. Cool song, they kinda moving more towards more mellow (Radio 1) sound but still it's a Shikari tune
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  5. Sorry Sorry
  6. This album is so good. Has a BackWordz vibe to it but less political obvs.
  7. Generic pop punk This album is gonna be awesome, if not I will still love it!
  8. blew me away, this song!
  9. http://www4.zippyshare.com/v/N8cbchk2/file.html No disrespect to the OP! *My personal purchase*. It's VBR, so if you want 320, sorry blame Amazon lol. Worth a buy for those who can afford it. \m/
  10. same, been jamming it more and it grew on me a lot.
  11. Can anyone get these links back up?
  13. Other bands hate them! Click here to find out how one Clothing-brand-turned-band changed their sound twice in less than a year and aced that shit with flying colors both times!
  14. These guys created such an amazing album. Thank you for this!
  15. Alot of these are vinyl rips and some are pitched up. When the actual release happens it would be appreciated if this was replaced
  16. Freedom is a fucking jam!
  17. I myself learned to like bands like DGD the hard way because I'm really not a sucker for high pitch vocals. I don't personally get what the fuss is all about to be a dude and try to sound so girly... Tilian found a way to make it sound balsy even if he has a high pitch voice, but this is over the top.. I respect the fact thet some might like it, but it pushes the "I forgot my balls at home" a little to far for me personally.
  18. and im right here for this one! thank you.
  19. Hey look, the band that came out of my hometown
  20. Could you re-upload this? Thanks
  21. Could you re-upload this? Thanks a lot
  22. This band is great. Great guys and really fun to watch live. I recommend to anyone who likes Easycore!
  23. Yesterday
  24. Every 2 weeks. A lot of it is old recordings though. They are all in pretty different styles so it's really not easy to make a general statement about their quality
  25. 3 piece UK based Alternative Rock band, Arcane Roots, will be releasing their 2nd full length, and follow up to 2015's "Heaven & Earth" EP later this year on September 15th through Easy Life Records. The album preorders launch along with the lead single "Matter", on May 22nd. Download the new single HERE Tracklist: 1. Before Me 2. Matter 3. Indigo 4. Off the Floor 5. Curtains 6. Solemn 7. Arp 8. Fireflies 9. Everything (All at Once) 10. Half the World
  26. "I like the name Darkthrone" "yeah but that's taken"
  27. Lived up to my expectations! I think The Collective is still my favorite, but this is their best album production-wise imo =]
  28. Well it's good they kept the songs short and concise.
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