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  2. Breaking Benjamin - Red Cold River (Radio Edit) [Single] (2018)

    'Radio Edit' fr people are pusses if they can't handle the tiny unclean sequences. What's the matter with the original version?!
  3. Today
  4. The Plot in You - Discography (2010-2016)

    Should be updated with Dispose!
  5. Yesterday
  6. Ezra Furman - Big Fugitive Life (EP) (2016)

    Thank you so much!!
  7. Phylactery - Aeber (2018)

    Always baffles me how random stuff like this ends up on here but never big slam releases lol
  8. Overweight Swim Team - Comfort Where the Key Fits (2018)

    Imagine if the vocals were actually good. But they're not, so just a stupid meme. Sad.
  9. Kill The Kong - Colossus (2017)

    KING KONG, Banana
  10. Three Days Grace - I Am An Outsider [Single] (2018)

    Losing a critical piece to the puzzle like that, you almost have to just adopt a new band name and start over. At least that’ll cut down on the comparisons.
  11. The Chainsmokers - You Owe Me [Single] (2018)

    Really bad song. I think Sick boy was 10x better at least.
  12. Horcrux - The Dark Mark [EP] (2018)

    not really . not like an official post but everyone knows it.
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  14. Ty Segall - Freedoms Goblin (2018)

  15. Some people still think they’ll try a comeback, personally I really doubt it.
  16. Old Notes - With a Heavy Heart (2018)

    nothing special here. kinda math rock/emo. check out solace and dead flowers
  17. Displacement - Dispacement (2018)

    This sounds fantastic. Good job mates.
  18. Curses - Rest [Single] (2018)

    Also I'm currently on the last song on that album and it's good my man. Solid recommendation. Will definitely keep an eye for their new stuff.
  19. avoid. - Everything Ends (2018)

    I forgive you everyone has the right to a opinion!
  20. Amen Dunes - Freedom (2018)

    Leaked Release - March 30, 2018 Genre - Indie Rock Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Intro 2. Blue Rose 3. Time 4. Skipping School 5. Calling Paul the Suffering 6. Miki Dora 7. Satudarah 8. Believe 9. Dracula 10. Freedom 11. L.A. Downloads Support! Facebook / iTunes / Bandcamp
  21. Zeolite - Sermones Mortis (EP) (2018)

    damn that last track be crushing as fuck. thanks for posting
  22. An Argency – Eternal Legacy (2018)

    of course, who doesnt love belarusianics?
  23. Alpha Wolf - Mono (2017)

    Vinyl bonus track added in a separate download, thanks for sharing @asvpmillzy!
  24. This is a really good EP, but the name of the EP makes me think of ham. Spiral glaze
  25. Last week
  26. Slaves - Beautiful Death (2018)

    I hope this is better than their last album. So boring. But their first one was a fucking masterpiece. Their singles this time around were really good. Hope the album is the same way. Give it to me Slaves.
  27. Upcoming Singles [Updated 2/17]

    2 new From AShes To New songs on the same date ? lol awesome
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