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  2. Jesus Fucking Christ how can it be THIS GOOD?
  3. I didn't like Clarity that much, but this song is so much better ! Thanks!
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  5. Spinning was an amazing single. Stoked to listen to this. Very unique voice and I love it.
  6. anyone got any thoughts around what the symbols on each single cover mean? The first two are clearly relating to the the single with the cross, falling etc. The third one is unclear as key, snake and idk what the other is aren't related to the singles. Then the 4th one is the same on each one which is 'Antimony' in the periodic table, maybe that's the album name?
  7. @pizzaistheessenceoflife hopeefully early in the year been 2 years already lmao
  8. End the suffering of this thread. Stop the hate lmao. Jk jk it is what it is. But no more fighting boys and girls. There's nothing we can do to change the fact they wanted to do something "generic" /different. imo it's still a catchy album to me though
  9. Pretty good. Took a little to get used to but is preee goood
  10. Really enjoyed this thanks @realowl
  11. Always liked the uncleans in Silence the Messenger. The cleans however always had me caught in the middle. Sad to hear the old vocalist left. Loved the direction they were going with Halfway Human. Curious how this will sound.
  12. You all are crazy. Dude has a good voice. They are always keeping it fresh and a very talented band that seems to be able to do it all. I really like this single. Too Far Gone is one of my top albums. I am looking forward to this EP.
  13. Don't think it this way, be grateful they didn't disband yet or had a car crash that prevent them to release gold songs...! Anyway, song is good, can't wait for more
  14. Thanks for the feedback, @nayrtrah. Much appreciated.
  15. You're Welcome! Here ya are! Now That You're Gone: Golden: I have Tokyo, thanks though!
  16. thought this was the worst album of the year when i first heard it but man it grew on me so much it's now my fave album of the year atm
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