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  2. Listened to this on a whim and very glad that I did! Thoroughly impressed!
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  4. I'm not much of a stickler for production quality, but I have a friend who pretty much has the opinion of False Idols was better but still not great in terms of production and the band has pretty much always had pretty poor production quality. I don't know if you agree with that, but figured like it was worth sharing his opinion on the matter.
  5. Starset is one of my favorite bands of the last decade and I love them. But this... Maybe I need more time with it... But this is... boring... Manifest was such a great track they really set the stage for another phenomenal record and this just under-delivers, in my opinion. I’ll continue to listen to it, maybe I’ll change my tune. But after about 10 runs through, I’m unimpressed. Thank you, though!
  6. And there's still people offended by their lyricism? Geez, imagine being that pussified. It's okay though y'all got your new Sleeping With Sirens album, that might be up y'all's alley 😂
  7. This has a fucking keytar solo in it and I couldn’t love it more! Production is a little on the flat side but it’s definitely still very enjoyable! Thank you!
  8. This album made it into the top 10 on the iTunes chart. Great moment for metal, and they deserve it, this album is mind blowing.
  9. As different as these songs are I enjoy them a lot. I think the concept of a happy sounding song about fucking Satan is pretty funny 😂
  10. Lmao awful. Pretty sure at least two of the members of this band were in City In The Sea and most of their songs shit so hard on this its not even funny.
  11. i think we get it. fat girl is fat and is proud of it. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz
  12. I am so excited that she’s finally putting H3 out! I love this. Although, as mentioned, it’s odd that Nightmare is not included on the album and Without Me is. Oh well! Still fantastic! Thank you!
  13. I preferred Devins voice for the style. This seems more like a quick cash grab. It’ll die again as quickly as the first time.
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