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  2. New Papa Roach single added!
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  4. thanks @Smash_Adams
  5. Thank @BRDSX for the recommendation.
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  7. i like the dreamy/melancholic side of the first song it's like their track "love who loves you back" it has weeknd - starboy vibe can anyone recommend more tracks like that ?
  8. Midtown is awesome! can't wait to listen! Thanks for uploading
  9. It is heavy just in a really weird shit way.
  10. Not sure if I grew out my love for Northlane or what but this is not my thing. Don't get me wrong, it's a good album, way better than "Node" for sure. "Render" is a beast of a song but overall I was pretty "meh" about this album. I rather listen to Discoveries, maybe I can't get over Adrian's Northlane.
  11. Weird, must have mixed something up. I was convinced you were lol
  12. Nope, I'm latino living in the US right now lol
  13. When I saw this I was wondering what "post-grunge" would sound like, but after listening it makes sense.
  14. Yeah this was solid! Thanks @Smash_Adams =]
  15. Good chill music to listen to - there's probably much better comparisons out there but I kept thinking of Neon Trees and I The Mighty's "Oil in water ep" while listening
  16. meh, I couldn't listen to a whole album of this but that's always been the case with Oceano for me
  17. single

    Oh look, another band trying to dickride this whole nu metal* trend. Expected better from these guys. *The whole "hey lets add some mid grade rap to our songs thatll totally make us trendy and edgy" trend, VCTMS and My Ticket Home fucking blow all this shit out of the water.
  18. Turned out to be pretty damn repetitive and straight forward but I can dig this from time to time. Good vibes.
  19. Underwhelming compared to their previous album and ep. Excited to see new tunes though, this is bordering on the boring downtempo ( just my opinion ).
  20. I seriously will never understand why black metal bands that could be awesome make their albums sound like shit on purpose
  21. Not into these at all ( great work on them by the way finding obscure covers and not going for popular stuff ) but it did make me rock some Oasis again, amazing band.
  22. Whoa, very good. (You might like this, @BrickFace)
  23. Some really good ones on here
  24. Yea its not doing it for me, unfortunately.
  25. Aren't you European? o.O
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