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  2. lol at the elitist audio engineering experts talking shit about this.
  3. (iTunes Match): https://goo.gl/F5pLFF
  4. (iTunes Match): https://goo.gl/yPnNJl
  5. These guys never fail to deliver good music. Twenty years have gone by and they still make the same music. It's really nice to have a band like this in my life.
  6. This is part of an EP, righ? Can't wait for more music from these guys.
  7. This is not a bad song, the more I listen to it the more I like it. However, if the tone of the entire album is similar to the single then it's going to be a bit of a dissapointment. An ATL album, in my opinion, should have several fast tracks and more guitars and drums all over it.
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  9. Not bad for a South African band hey?
  10. I like this release better than last week's FUTURE so far, really digging the R&B/Pop vibes in this one
  11. What a shitty album cover xD
  12. single

    nostalgic band!
  13. single

    Lol... so generic.. for me core music is only about some selected bands now
  14. It's visible audibly how much they've put into their music... very satisfied with this.. thnx kl
  15. YES!! I'm super biased since this was one of the most influential albums when me and my friends were growing up, but I still love this new version. Besides a new level of clarity I really liked the little flourishes they added all over the place, and I think revisiting this before they write their next album will have an awesome impact! I had to switch the places of "Glorious Day" and "The Takeover" - the cd has to have that sweet sweet ending =]
  16. ah.. no wonder the vocalist looks familiar he's ex vocalist of Illusions. is he still in Lost Cause?
  17. Stoked to check this out!! Might have to invest in their old eps too!
  18. I'm not familiar with Kurt Travis or the Money Pit but I'll check em out! =]
  20. Leaked Release - February 24th, 2017 Genre - Hip-Hop/Trap Quality - M4A, 256kbps Tracklist 1. My Collection 2. Comin' Out Strong (feat. The Weeknd) 3. Lookin Exotic 4. Damage 5. Use Me 6. Incredible 7. Testify 8. Fresh Air 9. Neva Missa Lost 10. Keep Quiet 11. Hallucinating 12. I Thank U 13. New Illuminati 14. Turn On Me 15. Selfish (feat. Rihanna) 16. Solo 17. Sorry Downloads Zippyshare Omerta Support Facebook / iTunes
  21. Been waiting for this since you posted the video in the shoutbox! Thanks @BRDSX and @The Rotten King =]
  22. ATL proves once again that will only follow in the footsteps of their Fall Out Boy counterparts. Very uninspired. Why do people think it sounds good to sound lazy on your OWN song.
  23. I'm intrigued enough by the single to check it out! =]
  24. Well I know that some of the members used to be from Dance Gavin Dance but I haven't listened to Strawberry Girls at all so I can't say it's true if they sound similar.
  25. This was enjoyable
  26. #bottomsup2017 #slimpfelix #draytonsawyer
  27. Thanks! Loving this, glad it's closer to their original sound and not that poor mans hardcore they'd been trying to pull off
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