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Found 59 results

  1. Ohio native Metalcore group Miss May I have recently signed to SharpTone Records who hinted at new MMI material by the end of 2017. Following up to the 2015 album "Deathless" which charted in the top 5 for all US Rock, Indie and Hard Rock charts, Miss May I will be releasing their 6th studio album titled "Shadows Inside" on June 2nd. Preorders and single to launch soon... Tracklist: 1. Shadows Inside 2. Under Fire 3. Never Let Me Stay 4. My Destruction 5. Casualties 6. Crawl 7. Swallow Your Teeth 8. Death Knows My Name 9. Lost in the Grey 10. My Sorrow
  2. TEST THREAD, IF I CAN'T MAINTAIN IT THEN I'LL GET RID OF IT Obviously, not all upcoming singles will be here, just from what info I have. Hopefully i'll remember to delete singles that have been released and update on a daily basis. The set up may change. View spoiler to see the artwork. March 31st || Papa Roach - Born for Greatness March 31st || Papa Roach - Periscope (feat. Skylar Grey) April 5th || Sonic Syndicate - Fire April 14th || All That Remains - Louder April 19th || Gideon - Cursed April 19th || Blink-182 - Can't Get You More Pregnant April 19th || Civil Youth - Between Me & You April 21st || Papa Roach - American Dream April 29th || Blink-182 - 6/8 May 13th || Blink-182 - Wildfire
  3. Massachusetts Metalcore band, The Acacia Strain, have just announced their highly anticipated 8th studio album and follow up to 2014's "Coma Witch" which landed #1 on the US HArd Rock charts. "Gravebloom" will be released on June 30th via Rise Records. Listen to and download their lead single... Tracklist: 1. Worthless 2. Plague Doctor 3. Bitter Pill 4. Big Sleep 5. Gravebloom 6. Abyssal Depths 7. Model Citizen 8. Calloused Mouth 9. Dark Harvest 10. Walled City 11. Cold Gloom
  4. Massachusetts Metalcore band, The Acacia Strain, have just announced their highly anticipated 8th studio album and follow up to 2014's "Coma Witch" which landed #1 on the US HArd Rock charts. "Coma Witch" will be released on June 30th via Rise Records. Listen to and download their lead single... Tracklist: 1. Worthless 2. Plague Doctor 3. Bitter Pill 4. Big Sleep 5. Gravebloom 6. Abyssal Depths 7. Model Citizen 8. Calloused Mouth 9. Dark Harvest 10. Walled City 11. Cold Gloom
  5. After two independent releases and a few lineup changes, Indiana bred Pop Punkers Chin Up, Kid are ready to unleash their debut full length later this year. "Swing With Your Eyes Closed" will release on April 28th through Standby Records. Preorders should launch on March 24th when they officially announce the album. Tracklist: 1. Overview 2. No Regrets 3. Swing With Your Eyes Closed 4. Tensions 5. Look Around 6. Turning Point 7. Daydreamer 8. Expectations 9. Catch These Hands 10. Your Fault, Not Mine 11. Yesterday
  6. After one hell of a marketing campaign and only a 1 day notice, Australian Metalcore band Northlane, will be releasing their fourth studio album titled "Mesmer" on March 24th through UNFD. Listen to 2 of the tracks off the album below... Tracklist: 1. Citizen 2. Colourwave 3. Savage 4. Solar 5. Heartmachine 6. Intuition 7. Zero-One 8. Fade 9. Render 10. Veridian 11. Paragon
  7. Taking a bit of a turn in sound for their new album, Las Vegas rock band led by Ronnie Radke, will release their fourth studio album titled "Coming Home" on April 7th through Epitaph Records. Stream the title track below... Download the newest track "Loser" HERE Tracklist: 1. Coming Home 2. Broken 3. Loser 4. Fuck You and All Your Friends 5. I Hate Everyone 6. I'm Bad at Life 7. Hanging On 8. Superhero 9. Straight to Hell 10. I Don't Mind 11. The Departure 12. Right Now (Bonus) 13. Paparazzi (Bonus)
  8. California Alternative Rock band, Incubus, are back with their 8th studio album and first in 7 years. "8" will be released on April 21st through Island Records. Preorders launch tomorrow. Listen to and Download "Nimble Bastard"... Download the new single "Glitterbomb" HERE Tracklist: 1. No Fun 2. Nimble Bastard 3. State of the Art 4. Glitterbomb 5. Undefeated 6. Loneliest 7. When I Became a Man 8. Familiar Faces 9. Love in a Time of Surveillance 10. Make No Sound in the Digital Forest 11. Throw Out the Map
  9. Only after a year of it's release, Blink-182 will release a Deluxe version of their 7th studio album "California". The guys have announced plans to release a "California 2.0" if you will with 11 brand new tracks and an acoustic rendition of "bored to Death". The album will be released on May 19th. Check out the brand new track "Parking Lot" below and download it HERE Tracklist: 1. Cynical 2. Bored To Death 3. She's Out Of Her Mind 4. Los Angeles 5. Sober 6. Built This Pool 7. No Future 8. Home Is Such A Lonely Place 9. Kings Of The Weekend 10. Teenage Satellites 11. Left Alone 12. Rabbit Hole 13. San Diego 14. The Only Thing That Matters 15. California 16. Brohemian Rhapsody 1. Parking Lot (Bonus) 2. Misery (Bonus) 3. Good Old Days (Bonus) 4. Don't Mean Anything (Bonus) 5. Hey I'm Sorry (Bonus) 6. Last Train Home (Bonus) 7. Wildfire (Bonus) 8. 6/8 (Bonus) 9. Long Lost Feeling (Bonus) 10. Bottom of the Ocean (Bonus) 11. Can't Get You More Pregnant (Bonus) 12. Bored to Death (Acoustic) (Bonus)
  10. After months of teasing a new album, Pennsylvania Metalcore band Motionless in White, have finally announced their follow up to 2014's "Reincarnate". The new album is titled "Graveyard Shift" and will release on May 5th through Roadrunner Records. Download the new single "LOUD (Fuck It)" HERE Stream the other 2 singles below... Tracklist: 1. Rats 2. Queen For Queen 3. Necessary Evil 4. Soft 5. Untouchable 6. Not My Type: Dead As Fuck 2 7. The Ladder 8. Voices 9. LOUD (Fuck It) 10. 570 11. Hourglass 12. Eternally Yours
  11. Experimental Post-Hardcore band out of Sacramento, California will be releasing their fourth studio album, and first album without former vocalist Kurt Travis and bassist Michael Littlefield titled "Divisi" on May 5th through Equal Vision Records. No work on preorders or a single Tracklist: 1. Always Burning, Always Dark 2. The Sound of Us 3. For Shelley (Unheard) 4. Trace the Lines 5. Atoms in Evening 6. The Smoother the Stone 7. Infinite Chances 8. No Attention for Solved Puzzles 9. Further Below 10. Good Soil, Bad Seeds 11. From Moon to Son 12. Divisi
  12. Maryland Emo band Have Mercy, will be releasing their third studio album, and follow up to 2014's "A Place of Our Own" on April 21st. The album is titled "Make the Best of It" and will release through Hopeless Records. Preorders launch tomorrow Download their first single "Coexist" HERE Tracklist: 1. Smoke and Lace 2. Drive 3. Coexist 4. Baby Grand 5. Begging For Bones 6. Reaper 7. Ghost 8. Disagree 9. American Bliss 10. Good Christian Man 11. You Made Me
  13. Connecticut Emo band, consisting of members of Old Gray and Prawn, Sorority Noise, have announced their follow up to 2015's highly praised album "Joy, Departed". Their third studio album titled "You Not As ____ As You Think" will release on March 17th through Triple Crown Records. Listen to their lead single "No Halo" below and download it HERE Tracklist: 1. No Halo 2. A Portrait Of 3. First Letter From St. Sean 4. A Better Sun 5. Disappeared 6. Car 7. Where Are You 8. Second Letter From St. Julien 9. Leave The Fan On 10. New Room
  14. Baltimore pop-punk kings All Time Low will be releasing their seventh studio album "Last Young Renegade" on June 2nd, 2017 through Fueled By Ramen records. Tracklist: 1. Last Young Renegade 2. Drugs & Candy 3. Dirty Laundry (03:17) 4. Good Times 5. Nice2KnoU 6. Life of the Party 7. Nightmares 8. Dark Side of Your Room 9. Ground Control (feat. Tegan and Sara) 10. Afterglow Pre-order from iTunes HERE Physical pre-orders HERE Listen to/download the first single "Dirty Laundry" HERE
  15. Post-hardcore band, At The Drive In will be releasing their first album in 17 years, titled "in • ter a • li • a" on May 5th via Rise Records Listen to the first song released from the album titled "Governed by Contagions" here Listen to the new song from the album titled "Incurably Innocent" here Tracklist: 1. No Wolf Like the Present 2. Continuum 3. Titling at the Univendor 4. Governed by Contagions 5. Pendulum In A Peasant Dress 6. Incurably Innocent 7. Call Broken Arrow 8. Holtzclaw 9. Torrentially Cutshaw 10. Ghost-tape No. 9 11. Hostage Stamps
  16. Following up their 2014 record "Isolate and Medicate", South African based grunge band Seether, will be releasing their seventh studio album later this year. The new album is titled "Poison the Parish" and will release on May 12th through Concord Music Group. Preorders launch tomorrow Download the lead single "Let You Down" HERE Tracklist: 1. Stoke the Fire 2. Betray and Degrade 3. Something Else 4. I'll Survive 5. Let You Down 6. Against the Wall 7. Let Me Heal 8. Saviours 9. Nothing Left 10. Count Me Out 11. Emotionless 12. Sell My Soul 13. Feels Like Dying (Bonus Track) 14. Misunderstood (Bonus Track) 15. Take a Minute (Bonus Track)
  17. Italian alternative rock band Halflives (ex-OVER) will be self-releasing their debut album "Empty Rooms" on April 14th, 2017. Tracklist: 1. Lone Wolf 2. Burn 3. Mayday 4. Echo 5. The Sickness 6. Half Alive 7. Empty Room 8. Collide Pre-order from iTunes HERE Crowd fund campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/halflives-debut-album-music-band Listen to/download the first single "Mayday" HERE Listen to/download the second single "Burn" HERE
  18. British alternative rock pioneers Bush will be returning this spring to release their seventh studio album called "Black and White Rainbows" on March 10th, 2017. Tracklist: 1. Mad Love 2. Peace-S 3. Water 4. Lost In You 5. Sky Turns Day Glo 6. Toma Mi Corazon 7. All the Worlds Within You 8. Nurse 9. The Beat of Your Heart 10. Dystopia 11. Ray of Light 12. Ravens 13. Nothing But a Car Chase 14. The Edge of Love 15. People At War iTunes pre-order HERE Physical pre-order (soon) Listen to/download the first single "Mad Love" HERE
  19. Danish indie/alternative band Mew have returned and are set to release their latest album "Visuals" April 28th, 2017 on Play It Again records. Tracklist: 1. Nothingness and No Regrets 2. The Wake of Your Life 3. Candy Pieces All Smeared Out 4. In a Better Place 5. Ay Ay Ay 6. Learn Our Crystals 7. Twist Quest 8. Shoulders 9. 85 Videos 10. Zanzibar 11. Carry Me To Safety Listen to/download the first single "Carry me To Safety" HERE European iTunes pre-order HERE Physical pre-orders HERE
  20. Fronted and formed by vocalist Frankie Palmeri in 2003, Queens Metalcore band Emmure will be releasing their highly anticipated seventh full length album in the new year with a brand new lineup. The new album is titled "Look at Yourself" and will release on March 3rd through the new label, SharpTone Records. Listen to their lead single "Torch" "Russian Hotel Aftermath" Tracklist: 1. You Asked for It 2. Shinjuku Masterlord 3. Smokey 4. Natural Born Killer 5. Flag of the Beast 6. Ice Man Confessions 7. Russian Hotel Aftermath 8. Call Me Ninib 9. Major Key Alert 10. Turtle in a Hare Machine 11. Torch 12. Derelict 13. Gucci Prison
  21. Marking their first release on the newish label Sharptone Records, the Sweidish Metalcore band Imminence, will be releasing their second studio album titled "This Is Goodbye" on March 31st. Preorder the CD HERE Preorder on iTunes HERE You can listen to the title track below and download HERE Tracklist: 1. This Is Goodbye 2. Diamonds 3. Broken Love 4. Coming Undone 5. Up 6. Daggers 7. Cold as Stone 8. Keep Me 9. Not a Rescue 10. Ivory Black 11. Desert Place 12. Diamonds (Acoustic) 13. Keep Me (Acoustic) 14. This Is Goodbye (Acoustic)
  22. Chicago Metalcore band, Born of Osiris, are gearing up to release their "new" album later this year. "The Eternal Reign" follows their 2015 album "Soul Sphere" which ranked in the top 10 on the US Indie, Rock and Hard Rock charts. "The Eternal Reign" only includes one new song, and "Glorious Day", and the rest consists of the 2007 album "The New Reign". The album is set to release on February 24th through Sumerian Records. Download "Glorious Day" HERE Tracklist: 1. Rosecrance 2. Empires Erased 3. Open Arms to Damnation 4. Abstract Art 5. The New Reign 6. Brace Legs 7. Bow Down 8. The Takeover 9. Glorious Day *
  23. Progressive Metalcore band, Northlane, have hinted that they have something special for their fans that go to their show next Friday. That "something special" is a new song titled "Intuition" and will be officially released on January 18th. Tracklist: 1. Intuition
  24. After teasing fans with a clip of a new song, the Alternative Rock band Slaves, will be releasing "I'd Rather See Your Star Explode" on January 20th. Preorders might launch with this, no promises though. Tracklist: 1. I'd Rather See Your Star Explode
  25. Buffalo eclectic Post-Hardcore natives The Bunny, The Bear have announced their seventh studio album, and first release since their debut, off of Victory Records roster. The band is now signed to Needful things (a label distributed by Warner Bros. Records), and will be releasing :The Way We Rust" on March 17th. Preorder the CD HERE Preoder on Bandcamp HERE Listen to their lead single "Love Lies" and download HERE Tracklist: 1.Rabbit Hole 2. I Am Free 3. Andrea 4. Ignoring Responsibilities (Interlude) 5. Love Lies 6. Wait and See 7. Second Hand Smoke 8. Caress 9. Bloody Mary 10. Bloody Lip 11. Heart With A Hole 12. Last Call (Interlude) 13. Revisiting Romance