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Found 50 results

  1. Release - April 14, 2017Genre - Post-Hardcore, MetalQuality - MP3, 320 KbpsTracklist:1. Rat2. EYES3. BonesDownload
  2. I lasted 30 seconds, how about you? LOL
  3. local music

    Hey guys, just wanted to start a thread where everyone could give me recommendations to great local music (preferably just rock/metal). That way I can look through them and, play my favorites, on the radio for exposure. Feel to leave youtube/bandcamp/spotify links
  4. Release - March 17, 2017 Genre - Metal, Groove Metal, Beatdown Hardcore Quality - MP3, V0 *personal purchase* Tracklist: 7. Slave to Satisfaction Download Zippyshare Nippyshare Support Facebook / iTunes / Pre-Order
  5. Release - March 31, 2017 Genre - Hardcore, Metal Quality - MP3, VBR V0 Tracklist: 9. No Lives Matter Downlaod Zippyshare Nippyshare Support Facebook / iTunes
  6. After almost 20 years, Slipknot still remind us that they are still alive and one of the best metal bands out there. After a 6 year hiatus Slipknot went through a lot from the passing of Paul Gray and the departure of Joey Jordison. This album is their best since Vol. 3. From the creepy intro "XIX" to the grand finale of "If Rain Is What You Want". 1)XIX XIX opens with Corey announcing "This song is for the dead". From the pipes that sound like NIN to Corey's belting voice of "Walk With Me" The interlude reminds me of Prelude 3.0 with its unique and creepy sound to it. 8/10 2)Sarcastrophe Sarcastrophe continues where XIX left of and starts with powerful drumming throughout and crunching guitars show that Slipknot is back. The pre chorus has a very cool and unique drum pattern and the chorus is a chant from the band "We are kill gods!" It plays like (sic) in a way and it ends with Sid with scratchy turntables, fast paced chords from Root and Thompson as it comes to a close. 9/10 3)AOV AOV or Approaching Original Violence is the first song on the album that mixes clean choruses with Corey's screams. The song itself is a masterpiece from hard thrash metal sound to yet another great prechorus to the "skyscraper" chorus and back again. The most surprising part of the song is the interlude of high noted keyboards, soothing drums, and a bass solo from the new bassist VMann. 10/10 4)The Devil In I The single from the album that got everyone hyped. The verses had the clean vocals that shined in this song. This song is very different than the previous two songs having a different vibe to it. The chorus is also powerful with great and one of the most catchiest lyrics on the album. The song sounds like something from Iowa in a different and creative form. 9/10 5)Killpop Killpop is where Sid Wilson and Craig 133 Jones shine. It has a very electronic Nine Inch Nails sound to it with lyrics that remind me that it could be like a Vermillion Pt. 3 or a dark side of Snuff. The chorus itself is very catchy and great chorus Maybe I should let her go But only when she loves me (she loves me) The lyrics might be the darkest on the album talking about a woman addicted to drugs and hurting herself also with a very unsettling ending. 10/10 6)Skeptic This song sounds something straight out of Iowa with stomping drums and very melodic chorus of "The world will never see another crazy motherfucker like you.†The song is one that pays tribute to Paul Gray. The song sounds like nothing Slipknot has ever done before and is one of the songs that will grow on you. 8.5/10 7) Lech “I know why Judas wept motherfucker†is the opening with just Corey then open to a sic and creepy verse that reminds me of King 810’s spoken word vocals. Then the chorus belts out “No one is bulletproof.†The song itself is powerful. 8/10 8)Goodbye Goodbye is another song tribute to Paul Gray. The song is a semi-ballad with the start having very superior bass and echoing drums and vocals. The song is very satisfying and before it breaks out Corey sings a powerful clean “Goodbye†to Paul. Then the song kicks in with double bass and strong percussion from Craig and Clown. Finally with Corey singing the chorus beautifully. 9/10 9)Nomadic Nomadic is a great song that shows Corey’s talents and the drummers talents as well. The pre chorus is “I’m gonna make you cry tonight†then to the clean chorus that has me visualizing the skeleton on the album cover dancing. Visualizing something like that is very powerful and shows even more talents from Slipknot. Not to mention the great guitar solo near the end of the song is beautiful 9/10 10) The One That Kills The Least “Let’s meet our contestants.†Is the line before Jim Root and Mick Thompson’s powerful guitar chords that synchronize perfectly in the verses to this song. “The One that kills the least still kills us all†is the chorus to this great song that keeps the mixture of clean and rough vocals of this album alive. Then a guitar solo kicks in as one of their best solos yet finishing the song with heavy chords and screams. 9.5/10 11) Custer Starting with clown’s brilliant drum and guitar pattern on this song. The song kicks in as the most badass song on the album. Corey states a monologue that sounds like Lamb of God saying “Listener Aggression is Advised†to Corey’s rough verses and the chorus that everyone at every concert will scream at the top of their lungs “Cut Cut Cut Me Up, and Fuck Fuck Fuck Me Upâ€. The song can be known as Surfacing 2015. 10/10 12) Be Prepared For Hell This interlude is very bone chilling and is one of Slipknot’s creepiest songs ever with Iowa, Scissors, and (515). Be Prepared for Hell ends with laughs from someone and is one of the most chilling things I’ve ever heard of. 7.5/10 13) The Negative One This song is so kickass. Everything about this song can pump everyone who’s anyone. This song will be one of the loved songs by Slipknot with creativity and a badass bridge on the drums proving the new drummer lives up to Joey’s name. 10/10 14) If Rain Is What You Want This song is the perfect finale to the album. It visualizes me to see a landscape a city with rain pouring down. The song is beautifully written and produced. Then halfway through the song gives you chills and goosebumps when the percussion and the hard guitar chords kick in. Then ends as Corey’s vocals fade “We’ll Never Sleep Again†10/10 Bonus Tracks 15) Override This song is more on the softer side but still has hard hitting drums and vocals in it. “We are the override†is the chorus Corey sings. The song includes a strong drum beat that Jay Weinburg can live up to Joey. Overall it is a good bonus song and a good track for Slipknot 8.5/10 16) The Burden This song has drumming that stays for most of the time and it has Corey belting out lyrics with him singing as background noise. It is very different for Slipknot to make. It seems slower than the rest of the album and seems to go for slower and hard hitting guitar and drums. 7.5/10 145.5/160 91%/100% Favorite Tracks:Custer, AOV, Killpop, Nomadic, Negative One, If Rain Is What You Want Least Favorite Tracks: The Burden, Be Prepared For Hell, XIX
  7. Hey guys, check out my split-screen cover of Trivium's "To Believe" There's no playback. The drumtrack is from Songsterr. I hope you like it.
  8. Release - January 27, 2017 Genre - Thrash Metal, Metal, Acoustic Quality - MP3, 320 Kbps Tracklist: CD1: Unplugged: The Watersound Studio Sessions 1. Sounds Good To Me 2. Bad Child 3. Innocent Eyes 4. Snake In The Grass 5. Fantastic Thinga 6. Holding On 7. Stonewall 8. In The Blood 9. Crystal Ann 10. Pheonix Rising CD2: Live a the Bang Your Head!!! Festival 1. King Of The Kill 2. No Way Out 3. Creepin' Again 4. Set The World On Fire 5. W.T.Y.D. (Welcome To Your Death) 6. Never, Neverland 7. Bliss 8. Second To None 9. Refresh The Demon 10. Alison Hell 11. Phantasmogaria Download CD1 Zippyshare Sendspace Download CD2 Zippyshare Sendspace Support Facebook / iTunes
  9. Leaked Release - December 29, 2016 Genre - Heavy Rock, Metal Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR / FLAC Tracklist: 01. Nightmares (In My Bed Again) (4:10) 02. Wish You Away (4:34) 03. Silence (4:07) 04. My Saint (4:30) 05. Mercy Will (4:11) 06. Havana (3:47) Downloads 320 Zippyshare Omerta FLAC Zippyshare Omerta Support! Facebook / iTunes
  10. Release - December 21, 2016 Genre - Various Quality - MP3, 128-320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. A Better Hand - Christmas Cheer 2. Keeping Secrets - All I Want for Christmas 3. Rocky Votolato - Silent Night 4. Faber Drive - We 3 Kings 5. Anakin - Little Saint Nick 6. Vocal Few - Ice Storm 2008 (Merry Christmas) 7. Artist vs. Poet - Happy Holidays, You Bastard 8. Quietdrive - All I Want for Christmas is You 9. Settle Your Scores - Xmas Exile 10. Psychostick - N.O.E.L. 11. J.J Hrubovcak - Nutcracker: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Downloads Zippyshare Omerta
  11. Release - May 20, 2016 Genre - Death Metal / Metal Quality - MP3 / 128 kbps Tracklist: CD 1: 01. Infernal Death 02. Zombie Ritual 03. Denial Of Life 04. Sacrificial 05. Mutilation 06. Regurgitated Guts 07. Baptized In Blood 08. Torn To Pieces 09. Evil Dead 10. Scream Bloody Gore 11. Beyond The Unholy Grave 12. Land Of No Return CD 2 (Original Florida Session): 01. Torn To Pieces (Original Florida Session) 02. Legion Of Doom (Original Florida Session) 03. Scream Bloody Gore (Original Florida Session) 04. Sacrificial (Original Florida Session) 05. Mutilation (Original Florida Session) 06. Land Of No Return (Original Florida Session) 07. Baptized In Blood (Original Florida Session) CD 3 (Rehearsals): 01. Regurgitated (Rehearsals 8-20-1986) 02. Sacrificial (Rehearsals 8-20-1986) 03. Sacrificial - Take 2 (Rehearsals 8-20-1986) 04. Torn To Pieces (Rehearsals 8-20-1986) 05. Do You Love Me (Rehearsals 8-20-1986) 06. Infernal Death (Rehearsals 8-20-1986) 07. Zombie Ritual (Rehearsals 8-20-1986) 08. Beyond The Unholy Grave (Rehearsals 8-20-1986) 09. Do You Love Me - V2 (Rehearsals 8-20-1986) 10. Denial Of Life (Rehearsals 8-20-1986) 11. Scream Bloody Gore (Rehearsals 5-28-1986) 12. Torn To Pieces (Rehearsals 5-28-1986) 13. Mutilation (Rehearsals 5-26-1986) 14. Torn To Pieces (Rehearsals 5-26-1986) 15. Zombie Ritual (Rehearsals 5-26-1986) 16. Land Of No Return (Rehearsals 5-26-1986) 17. (Part Of) Evil Dead (Rehearsals 5-26-1986) 18. Baptized In Blood (Rehearsals 5-26-1986) 19. Infernal Death (Rehearsals 5-26-1986) 20. Denial Of Life (Rehearsals 5-26-1986) 21. Death Metal (Rehearsals 5-26-1986) Downloads: Zippyshare Sendspace Support: Facebook / Bandcamp
  12. Leaked Release - December 9, 2016 Genre - Metal Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. BABYMETAL Death 02. Awadama Fever 03. Iine 04. Yava! 05. Akatsuki 06. GJ! 07. Catch Me If You Can 08. Doki Doki Morning 09. META! Taro 10. Yon No Uta 11. Amore - Aoboshi 12. Megitsune 13. KARATE 14. Ijime, Dame, Zettai 15. Gimme Chocolate 16. THE ONE 17. Road Of Resistance Downloads Zippyshare Omerta Support! Facebook / iTunes
  13. Leaked Release - December 9, 2016 Genre - Doom Metal Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. Down into the Stream (8:32) 02. To Adorn (9:39) 03. Shadowed Dreams (9:14) 04. Woundheir (8:50) 05. ... In the Mist (11:19) 06. Outro (4:41) Downloads Zippyshare Omerta Support! Facebook / iTunes
  14. Release - October 28, 2016 Genre - NWOAHM Quality - FLAC Tracklist: 1. The Stage 2. Paradigm 3. Sunny Disposition 4. God Damn 5. Creating God 6. Angels 7. Simulation 8. Higher 9. Roman Sky 10. Fermi Paradox 11. Exist Downloads FileHost UberUpload Support! Facebook / iTunes
  15. Release - February 2, 2017 Genre - Metal, Female Fronted Quality - iTunes, 256 Kbps Tracklist: 4. Gravity Download Zippyshare Nippyshare Support Facebook / iTunes
  16. Leaked Release - November 18, 2016 Genre - Metal, Hard Rock Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR / FLAC Tracklist: 1. Barbarians (Prayers for the Blessed) 2. We Will Not Go Quietly 3. Wolf at Your Door 4. Maybe It's Time 5. The Devil's Coming 6. Catacombs 7. That's Gonna Leave a Scar 8. Without You 9. Suffocate 10. Riot in My Head 11. Helicopters Downloads Zippyshare Omerta FLAC Support! Facebook / iTunes
  17. Leaked Release - November 18, 2016 Genre - Groove Metal Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. The Duke 2. Culling 3. Still Echoes (Live from Rock Am Ring) 4. 512 (Live from Bonnaroo) 5. Engage the Fear Machine (Live from Bonnaroo) Download NippyShare Omerta Support Facebook / iTunes
  18. Leaked Release - November 18, 2016 Genre - Metal, Hard Rock Quality - FLAC / CD Tracklist: 1. Barbarians (Prayers for the Blessed) 2. We Will Not Go Quietly 3. Wolf at Your Door 4. Maybe It's Time 5. The Devil's Coming 6. Catacombs 7. That's Gonna Leave a Scar 8. Without You 9. Suffocate 10. Riot in My Head 11. Helicopters Downloads ClicknUpload Google Drive Support! Facebook / iTunes
  19. Leaked Release - November 11,2016 Genre - Atmospheric Sludge Metal Quality - MP3,320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Brood 2. Woe 3. Ephemerol 4. Ephemerol II 5. Atrophy 6. Petrichor Downloads Zippyshare Omerta Support! Facebook / iTunes / Physical
  20. Hey! I'm Alice and I've been on here for a few months or so and have found some amazing albums, but there's just so much great stuff! So I was hoping some of you guys could tell me what some of your favorite bands and albums are or what bands I should listen to! My favorite bands as of right now are Beartooth, Being As An Ocean, Stray From The Path, Bad Religion, A Day To Remember, Architects, Royal Blood, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Sex Pistols, Touché Amoré, Metallica, Misfits, The Cure, Counterparts, and Brand New. I would really love anything thats melodic hardcore, metalcore, punk rock, or hardcore or anywhere near there like post-hardcore or math core. Thanks for all your help!
  21. This is my after-action-report for Euroblast 2016 which took place between September 30th and October 2nd in Cologne, Germany. Due to my girlfriend's birthday I wasn't able to attend the festival on October 1st so this will only be about Friday and Sunday (luckily they sold seperate daily tickets). If any of you guys happens to have attended the festival as well, feel free to add missing stuff and/or give your opinion. The Festival Euroblast is a festival focused on progressive, experimental and technical metal which takes place annualy in Cologne, Germany. This was the 12th iteration. Over the years, the festival has grown from a small, local one to one of the biggest of its kind worldwide. The Venue Since a few iterations ago the festival takes place in the Essigfabrik in Cologne. The main hall in which the main stage is located has enough room for around 1300 people and there is also a second stage in a pretty small basement which at full capacity holds a few hundred people. The second stage also has lierally no space between the performers and the audience, you can pretty much touch them if you want. I'm now going to go through all the bands I watched and give my opinion on their shows. I won't be very critical since I loved almost all the shows but there's still outstanding and less outstanding ones. Friday, 30th of September The first band I watched was Omega Diatribe (https://omegadiatribe.bandcamp.com/music) on the main stage, which replaced Materia who had a car accident on the way. They are a Polish band (except their vocalist, who is from Mars ) and make groovy progressive metalcore. Their show was very solid but sadly the crowd wasn't riled up enough yet which resulted in nobody except me and like 5 other dudes moving at all. After that, Promethee (https://promethee.bandcamp.com/music), a Swiss progressive metalcore/hardcore band had their set on the main stage. I liked it, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. Still worth checking out their music. Then I went to the second stage where the German band Verderver played. They describe their music as "dance death metal" and could be compared to early We Butter The Breat With Butter. I don't like this style of music but at least it was fun watching them go completely mental and roll around on the floor. After Verderver, one of the most anticipated bands for me had their main stage set. I'm talking about Aliases (http://music.basickrecords.com/album/derangeable), of course, whose show was very intense and exactly as good as I expected. Leah, one of their guitarists and their vocalist Joe Rosser (who, in case you haven't heard of it joined SikTh as a replacement for Justin Hill) were both very energetic and Pin with his gigantic 8-string guitar played just as good as on the albums. I can only encourage you to go to one of their shows if you ever have the opportunity. After that, I watched Carcer City (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrXTc0LfE4Upv27Mr_-NDPVHzn486JMM) on the second stage. Their vocalist is a very nice guy and their show was my personal favourite show on the second stage that day. The crowd loved them as well and everybody was headbanging in the end. I only saw half of Modern Day Babylon's (https://moderndaybabylon.bandcamp.com/) set because I ate some of my smuggled in food but what I saw was good performances of mediocre songs. When it comes to instumental djenty bands this one is definitely more on the uninspired side. They might be good at their instruments but I just don't like their songwriting. Meanwhile, the Mexican band Anima Tempo (https://animatempo.bandcamp.com/releases) who make progressive metalcore with symphonic elements were rocking the second stage. I was a bit exhausted from Aliases and Carcer City so I only watched them from the back but that was enough to make me like them. The show that followed on the main stage was my absolute highlight of the entire festival, something I didn't expect at all beforehand. i'm talking about the Norwegian experimental jazz-metal band Shining (https://youtu.be/RpyrbD-jeFs), who got the crowd moving like crazy. Their frontman is incredibly energetic and his saxophone solos were phenomenal. The rest of the band were perfect on their respective instruments and I left after the set with a severely hurting neck due to the crazy headbanging. Please, for the love of Satan, go see them live if the opportunity arises, it's too good to miss it. The next band I watched was Obsidian Kingdom (https://obsidiankingdom.bandcamp.com/music) on the second stage. Their music can be both very heavy and very soft and the manage to pull this contrast off perfectly. It was a really nice show. After that came probably the biggest disappointment of the day, Dead Letter Circus. The sad thing is that it was not even their fault, there was just something wrong with the sound so that the vocals were way too quiet and the instruments were way too loud to the point that you couldn't really distinguish them from each other anymore. Luckily, it got better after about half their time had passed and from then on it was a very enjoyable show, exactly what you would expect from DLC. A very loud and intense show followed DLC because Cold Night For Alligators (https://coldnightforalligators.bandcamp.com/music), a Danish mathcore band rocked the second stage. They are definitely a band you should check out if you've never heard of them and their live show was intense, fast action like you'd expect from a mathcore show. This was followed by Intronaut (https://youtu.be/MOxxAdRtU1w), whose show was very heavy and simply great, definitely another highlight of the day. Do yourself a faour and see them live too. After that, Sithu Aye (https://sithuayemusic.bandcamp.com/) played the second stage and it was awesome. His music sounds like the emotion of joy in its musical form and he translates that perfectly to the stage. The last band of the day was Animals As Leader and as you would expect, they were phenomenal. It's just awesome watching insanely talented musicians do their job. I honestly believe Matt Garstka is one of the most talented drummers in modern metal, at one point Tosin and Javier let him play a drum solo and the wole crowd just stood there with their jaws dropped. It was just great and closed of the day perfectly. Part 2 coming soon...
  22. Release: September 21, 2016 Genre: Power Metal | Melodic Metal Bit Rate: MP3 | 192kbps CBR Tracklist: 3. That Song Download: Support!
  23. Release - September 8th, 2016 Genre - Metal Quality - MP3, 256Kbps '@@Gh0st's Band!' Tracklist: 1. Remnants Download: Zippyshare mystore Support: Facebook | Bandcamp | Homepage
  24. 1. Spin the Bottle (This is the first song I ever heard from them, as it was the first song on the EP. Really good introduction to the album! Great Song!) 9/10 2. Striking Matches (I like this song quite a bit. The riff is pretty groovy and the lyrics are great.) 9/10 3. Bellow (This is my favorite song off the album. Everything about this song is soooo good! I find myself playing this track over and over) 10/10 4. Are We Innocent (This in my opinion is their weakest song on the album. It literally sounds like a totally different band. Too poppy for me.) 5/10 5. Good Enough (This song is pretty good. The riff is catchy and the lyrics are very touching. I'd say this is like a radio song.) 8/10 6. Lights Out (I loved this song on the EP. Great mix of brutal and clean.) 10/10 7. Cages (This song is just "okay" in my opinion. Kinda sounds like a song you'd find on the new CTE album.) 6/10 8. Follow Me (I love love love the riff in this song. That guitar is so groovy. I literally find myself listening to this song purely for that riff.) 8/10 9. Never Again (This was my favroite song on the EP. I love everything about it. Easy to sing along to as well. The breakdown is sexy as well!) 10/10 10. The Surge (I'd have to say this is their second weakest song on the album. I am not a fan of acoustic songs so that doesn't help.) 6/10 Overall score: 8.1/10 Pretty Solid album! Can't wait to hear more from these guys in the future!