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  1. Pleasantly surprised with this. Definitely doesn't live up to their previous material but definitely better than that last monstrosity of a single they put out
  2. Holy fuck this is SO GOOD
  3. This is so sick!! Lost faith after last album but I'm definitely back on the train. Good shit.
  4. This is so fucking sick!!! Thanks boys!
  5. Ohhhhhh shit well damn im behind. Theyve Only had 1 other on artery though right?
  6. Wasnt too big on their first album but this is pretty damn good!
  7. cant believe ive never heard of these guys before, this slays!
  8. This is pretty good, seems like the clean vocals are jinda forced at though at some points. Worth a listen though!!
  9. Yeah it was a rerecording of their first EP
  10. So stoked on this album, everyone needs to check this out!!! This band is incredibly underrated. Their old stuff is amazing too.
  11. Sounds better then I was expecting, stoked for this!!
  12. YESSSS stoked to finally hear this bad boy â¤â¤â¤
  13. Plagues and with roots above and branches below. 2 of the biggest genre defining albums in metalcore imo
  14. Wow this is awesome!!!