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  1. Thank you! For those who don't know this band has some I Call Fives members.
  2. Sounds like a good continuation from the American candy sound. Diggin!
  3. I like it but i like sinners and cav youth a bit more. Still really like a handful of songs.
  4. Thank you Hyper!!!!! X1000000
  5. Yea this album has basically been done for over a year they just needed to mix it i think. No tours just a final goodbye album.
  6. Thank you stoked for this release to by my vinyl is through merchnow and doesn't expect to ship till end of Jan so u know what that means lol...
  7. Thank you! Was looking for this!!
  8. Thanks!!! Love me some JEW
  9. Patty is from mn. Rest band is from england.
  10. I love yellowcard and this album is nothing short happy we got one last album.
  11. I have songs 8 and 9 if you wanna post them
  12. Reaaaally digging the new direction... solid album front to back imo.
  13. I'm just happy this album was made some really great songs on here.