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  1. Video kinda reminds me of some mayday parade/every avenue definitely gonna check this out thanks
  2. Pleasant surprise! Love these cover albums thanks!
  3. Haha mr tooth & nail himself, totally forgot about him. Thanks for this!
  4. Second half of album seems to be better
  5. Liking that single, will have to check this out def has a 311, dirty heads thing going on
  6. Thanks! Def gonna check this out
  7. single

    Better than that first single, but that's not saying much...
  8. Pretty darn good. Yeah definitely hearing those alkaline trio vibes
  9. Old school, I remember rocking out to lips like morphine
  10. Not a bad song at all but kinda boring
  11. Don't understand the hype
  12. Love these guys thanks so much! Was really looking forward to this. Totally made my Thursday
  13. I was waiting for comments on that lol
  14. This is a big step down from last days of summer this is just electronic crap and not the band actually playing . Really hope they don't continue this...
  15. I thought this was the same as the last days of summer. Weezer is and always will be my all time favorite. Stoked for anything new from them thanks!
  16. Sad this is what they're putting out these days, but hey they can do whatever they want.
  17. Loved their first album then the ep super excited about this!
  18. I agree, this is pretty dang good
  19. I looked it up lol he was in four letter lie from 04-09 then scary kids scaring kids till 2010 playing drums
  20. Liking this, getting some set your goals vibes. Thanks!
  21. single

    Still hating this "new sound" this is the worst of it
  22. Is this one the guy who was in four letter lie?
  23. Lol @ hairy bush. Gonna give this a try, Thanks!
  24. It's not too bad. Kinda reminds me of freshman 15
  25. Nice glad to see new stuff from these guys!