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  1. 10000000th cover of this song. Hate this song
  2. 0 for 3 on the singles if you ask me. They are so contempt with being mediocre. They've just continued to sail comfortably through the seas of mediocracy. Glad some people are enjoying it at least
  3. If this is what's relevant to this century then I sure as hell don't want to be relevant to this century
  4. Wow didn't think they could get any worse... and now they just did.
  5. Yeah that cover is awful. I only enjoyed open grave
  6. lol Garth brooks cover. Gotta hear this
  7. Oh wow thank you so much! So much anticipation for this
  8. Not bad but not at all what I expected
  9. Thanks so much! Can't wait to listen
  10. Is this the band with the guys from for today?
  11. Thanks!
  12. Liking the sound of this, catchier than expected
  13. Eh not horrible but don't care for it
  14. single

    Love this makes me wanna dance! Can't wait for this album. Been in love with this band since I first heard hit or miss way back when
  15. Very nice! Cool to hear them rocking out like that again
  16. I feel bad for the drummer and guitarists...
  17. Absolutely amazing, can't get enough
  18. Oh I agree without a doubt
  19. It's like they tried to remake fashionably late but went overboard
  20. Really enjoying this, thanks for the post!
  21. I thoroughly enjoy his stuff. This kind of reminds me of owl city. Don't like it don't listen it's as easy as that
  22. New album April 21st
  23. Really good stuff! A must for everyone to check out