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  1. Thanks! Loving this, glad it's closer to their original sound and not that poor mans hardcore they'd been trying to pull off
  2. Good stuff but hate when bands do this. Just make a new album
  3. single

    Music sounds very similar to take out the gunmen by chevelle
  4. Compared to any song ever, this is pretty awful
  5. Not hearing anything special, but guess it's just me.
  6. Think we knew what teeth were... nonetheless pretty good stuff
  7. Well this is a disappointment, not good at all whatsoever
  8. The irony of this being called "heavy".. sounds like the chain smokers released another new single
  9. It just keeps getting worse...
  10. Sounds great! Love these guys
  11. I don't give a crap about the band lol I've never cared for them, just judging this one song. It's fun and reminds me of back to the future
  12. I actually enjoy this lol they didn't overdo it
  13. Very nice. Love this thanks so much
  14. No, and I listened to this and still haven't. Decent song I dig it