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  1. Check out their last album it's better than this imo. Don't worry I'm 35 and still digging it
  2. Because there's not enough secular bands already out there haha
  3. Been waiting for forever on this. Thanks! Loved the last album!
  4. Thanks a ton! Much appreciated
  5. single

    Wasn't quite sure with the first half but the second half is killer
  6. Video kinda reminds me of some mayday parade/every avenue definitely gonna check this out thanks
  7. Pleasant surprise! Love these cover albums thanks!
  8. Haha mr tooth & nail himself, totally forgot about him. Thanks for this!
  9. Second half of album seems to be better
  10. Liking that single, will have to check this out def has a 311, dirty heads thing going on
  11. Thanks! Def gonna check this out
  12. single

    Better than that first single, but that's not saying much...
  13. Pretty darn good. Yeah definitely hearing those alkaline trio vibes
  14. Old school, I remember rocking out to lips like morphine
  15. Not a bad song at all but kinda boring