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  1. A lot like birds, BMTH and falling in reverse
  2. I think the surprise release and the liking towards this band is helping people like it even more... good for them... nothing special in here at least for me... the second half is more listenable though.. thnx for the upload guys
  3. single

    Omg this is bad... considering how good their ep was... this is so boring
  4. single

    Dirty laundry geew on me after a few listens... but this I am sure won't ever grow on me... still will listen to their album
  5. I am so happy it took this long to come... coz this is just awesome.. although I wud still want a song or two that are distorted and have that ALLB melodic noise touch to it... this is pleasing no doubts
  6. I couldn't agree more
  7. Such unique blend of tunes... the music totally goes with the album title and cover.. this is my first mastodon album and i like it... ancient kingdom is so catchy tho..
  8. What's up these days yo... good core music in the air.. good song btw
  9. This is epic... specially when the cleans kick in
  10. Oh boy!!! i can definitely jam this.. good core music,... damn other bands should learn from this band only 1 album old... this is a beast
  11. Fuck!!! Witness sounds promising
  12. I expected more after I heard no halo... that and first letter from st. Sean are my jams... rest is just meh...
  13. Imma jam this till ALLB... good tunes right here boys..
  14. Linkin parked their old music and now cant remember where they did..