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  1. This is good... we all have to Ben happy coz half of the metal core bands are not making good shit... and the other half have gone soft.. some bands still doing a good job and I consider ihw to be one of em... whatever their next album name(some element of earth and some form of movement) is... I am stoked and ready
  2. Wow!!! This is really really good... and fuck good Christian man is such a good song... American bliss ghost and baby grand are among the other favs... they have made the best of it
  3. Damn!!! I know no one is liked by everyone but Cory is one of the best vocalist in the scene...
  4. It's okay... again NO PLACE IS STILL WAYYYY BETTER... but this ain't bad... and I kinda have a feeling after this kurt will return... and we will have a better ALLB record when we're like 3-4 years older from now
  5. I am having a hard time trying to listen to this... not great imo
  6. Nope... still can't get into them... it's good tho others are enjoying it so much
  7. I see a little shift instrumentally... but damn the lyrics are so so sooo generic.. I mean it's 2017 guys put some more efforts... some bangers in here tho
  8. This is good... better than previous one
  9. He should fuck 1D and be solo for life ... coz not in a million years I wud have thought this wud actually be good
  10. I am not that impressed with this one... forever halloween was one sad album that was very well executed and American candy was the catchiest release of that year.. this definitely lacks somewhere
  11. They have the best vocalist and drummer... cory's voice is so catchy.. I agree it cannot be compared to the previous 2 albums but this one is shaping to be a good one nonetheless
  12. It was a dull month for music at least for me... I had to give it to northlane only coz of zero one... can't swim and stolas were really good too
  13. This is beautiful and soothing... the artwork is so good
  14. To be honest I am not liking this at all... American candy was catchy af and forever Halloween was one super sad record with every song as good as the other.. this I am not feeling