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  1. It's a good album, but gets boring really quick. Vocals sound too monotonous for me.
  2. @LKA thank god, i thought he was doing nothing but recording
  3. it's his sixth album this year, like what the hell haha
  4. single

    Weird single, i don't know what to think of it.
  5. It's a 320, it's better than 256kbps
  6. Nah. It's probably a good album, but will bore me after few listens.
  7. Nope, it's going to be good unless there's more tracks like Hallelujah Money.
  8. Release - March 20, 2017 Genre - Punk Rock Quality - MP3, 192Kbps Download: Zippyshare mystore Support: Facebook | iTunes
  9. single

    Why not download the whole album?
  10. The artwork looks cool, songs good too.
  11. single

    I was about to get your attention with 'Home is such a lonely place without you.. </3'
  12. Will there be a target/best buy whatever deluxe edition with another new track that i'll be missing? Haha
  13. @Crash Bandicoot you got some nice leaks today, haha