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  1. sounds alot like the Shinedown vocalist
  2. ya they must no have the annoying male vocals on the side anymore, which i really don't mind..
  3. good the keep hearing them continue on with all the lineup changes. remember meeting them at warped tour about 8 years back.
  4. Damn, that was awful. i would much rather Eddie go back to All Shall Perish and make a sum new tunes..
  5. was this recorded in a tree house?
  6. damn they have been releasing high quality albums yearly, dont they tour ever?? now im gonna have to check some of their old old stuff out
  7. ya listening through the entire album was just Blahhhhh for me, was excited to hear after their first album .. nothing that great came out this year for me yet (except the as lions debut)
  8. single

    sounds like All-American Rejects lol
  9. best thing they've done since " come clarity " :like:
  10. ya hasitleaked.com is prolly the best best. metalstorm.net ..... lambgoat.com ... are all decent.
  11. i read about it on the alternative press website yesterday, he uploaded the left over new tracks on his youtube page
  12. single

    no new album coming anytime soon, this track was recorded during the making of their last album. it was for a "fallen fan" Wayne Ford who died of leukemia. The Duke Ep will be released Nov. 18th The Duke EP Track Listing 01. “The Duke†02. “The Culling†03. “Still Echoes†(Live from Rock am Ring) 04. “512†(Live from Bonnaroo) 05. “Engage the Fear Machine†(Live from Bonnaroo)
  13. Senses Fail frontman Buddy Nielsen and members of Finch have formed a new band… they’re called Speak The Truth… Even If Your Voice Shakes. they just released their first single "crash my car"
  14. they have a 2 song release coming out nov. 4th, a full album probably wont be out till around feb. or so
  15. wow ya it does sound like it was recorded on a Yak Bak . it couldve been that much better