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  1. I'm pretty sure this song is about Cory's mother, who passed away last year. The (Unheard) in the title means that she never got to hear the song. It's some pretty emotionally destructive stuff, and you can really feel his grief here. Even though ALLB's sound has changed, the music still feels genuine, and I'm glad for that.
  2. @projectmayhem I'd say FFO Kurt Travis' solo work (the Girls were very involved with his most recent album, Everything Is Beautiful) and The Money Pit (Nic Newsham's new project after Gatsby's broke up, it's pretty funky). Kurt's name at least will get people's attention, even if The Money Pit doesn't.
  3. single

    Holy. Shit. Having Carlo on lead vocals is the best decision they've ever made. On another note, the track title sounded like it would be a ballad but it goes hard.
  4. Love me some Kurt, especially with the higher register vocals. It sounds almost like something off Happiness, but very CHON influenced, which makes me really happy. I can't wait to hear what the rest of the EP sounds like come 4/20
  5. Incredibly stoked for this one! Allomaternal is excellent, and the highlights of the album for me were Carlo's vocal contributions. With him doing all of the vocals now, this album won't be anything short of stellar, since Jason's old vocals were kind of ass.
  6. single

    karmapolice225 is correct. To add to his post, they'll be bringing along a touring drummer and (I think) second guitarist in the future. The studio line-up will continue to be just Carlo, Sergio, and RJ.
  7. ALLB, The Contortionist, Circa Survive, Good Tiger, Envy on the Coast, I The Mighty, SycAmour Plus all the swancore bands like Eidola, Stolas, Adventurer, Dwellings, Strawberry Girls, etc. I'm actually pretty excited about the new Slaves album being teased as well, supposedly Will Swan helped write some of the songs on it if what Jonny was saying about it last year panned out. Also here's hoping for more Closure in Moscow especially, those boys need to break the radio silence!
  8. The only misstep on here is Call Ticketron, the rest is gold. That "live from the garden" sample is pretty annoying imo, it's used a few too many times in the track. I feel like El was trying to emulate the style of Close Your Eyes' sample-based beat, since people love it and it's catchy as hell, but it fell flat.
  9. Is he actually that bad at screaming, or is it just poorly mixed? Because it sounds like some kind of weird whisper-scream thing.
  10. The straight edge tattoos elevate it even more
  11. I actually like the new mix a lot. The way the guitar meshes with the piano passages is nice, and there are some subtle quick builds during transitions that were absent in the original mix. The added echo on Rody's voice at some parts also adds a lot, especially to the outro. The solo is a lot more present in this mix now, too, whereas in the original it tended to be drowned out by the rhythm guitar. And finally, that transition into Caravan at the end!
  12. Ir's dat boi Omar droppin his 5000th album this year! Oh shit waddup!
  13. So I have to say, I've been listening to this over and over again and it just never gets old. The whole album just feels like floating. I love how FIL has incorporated dream pop into their style without going too overboard with it.