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  1. but Lithuania is in the Eurozone
  2. OR AM I AWAAAKE? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-iaPKkpM6s
  3. After 4 tracks, I'm liking this more than Node
  4. I never got into This Is The Six but I absolutely loved Brainwashed and this might be even better
  5. these were recorded over the last 10 years but still, super impressive
  6. I totally failed my already stupid joke though. What I wanted to say was: "you should all halt and listen to this band"
  7. single

    I actually kinda like it, just too repetitive
  8. you should all hold and listen to this band
  9. I'm really liking this despite not liking Seether
  10. I had completely forgotten about this, so good. They always reminded me of Alkaline Trio a bit
  11. This is important, definitely check it out
  12. very chill, very good
  13. holy shit this is great
  14. Very different, very good. Has some hints of alone. but that's not a bad thing
  15. Out of all the albums going for a similar style this year (like Palisades or Vitja) I like this the most so far
  16. This is really good, saw it oon Dreambound earlier
  17. Reminds me of Max Raptor, a good thing (check 'em out @Dwesk)
  18. This sounds really good, looking forward to the album
  19. Man, this is really not good
  20. Except I didn't say any of those things, I was making a joke. I agree with you on the purpose of genres