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  1. Very different, very good. Has some hints of alone. but that's not a bad thing
  2. Out of all the albums going for a similar style this year (like Palisades or Vitja) I like this the most so far
  3. This is really good, saw it oon Dreambound earlier
  4. Reminds me of Max Raptor, a good thing (check 'em out @Dwesk)
  5. This sounds really good, looking forward to the album
  6. Man, this is really not good
  7. Except I didn't say any of those things, I was making a joke. I agree with you on the purpose of genres
  8. (Slamming Brutal Progressive Melodic Blackened Gothic Technical Symphonic Theatrical Epic Neo-classical Traditional Deathcore)
  9. So good, album is definitely shaping up to be better than Node if they keep up this level of quality. The only bad part are the cheesy lyrics
  10. They were, now they are on Equal Vision like all the "swancore" bands that get too big for Blue Swan
  11. It finally gets posted and @Dwesk isn't even around tto see it Thanks for the buy, @BRDSX
  12. This album is very different from their older material but they execute this new style almost perfectly
  13. Instrumentals remind me of WTR a bit, just not quite as crazy