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  1. Pretty chill, pretty dope
  2. Rise Igainst?
  3. Well this is fantastic. The only thing by them I've liked so far is that double single from last year, this is even better imo
  4. If it's as big of a sound change as SS I'm excited
  5. I never liked this band but I dig everything they put out since the Equinox EP
  6. Now that's what I'm talking about, now I'm really excited for the new album
  7. I'm sorry but Dayshell runs circles around this
  8. I didn't hate Cold World (half the songs were actually enjoyable, the other half was just fucking shit). This is pretty good, although I still think Restoring Force was their worst and I wouldn't want them to go back to that
  9. You put all the new singles inside a spoiler that was just meant for the first one
  10. just odd that you start complaining about him now despite the fact that he was on previous albums as well, that's all I'm saying
  11. the atmosphericness of this is top notch, great production as well.
  12. yes, thanks @mR12