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  1. Leaked Release - February 24th, 2017 Genre - Hip-Hop/Trap Quality - MP3, 320 Kbps | M4A, 256 Kbps Tracklist 1. My Collection 2. Comin' Out Strong (feat. The Weeknd) 3. Lookin Exotic 4. Damage 5. Use Me 6. Incredible 7. Testify 8. Fresh Air 9. Neva Missa Lost 10. Keep Quiet 11. Hallucinating 12. I Thank U 13. New Illuminati 14. Turn On Me 15. Selfish (feat. Rihanna) 16. Solo 17. Sorry Downloads 320 Zippyshare Omerta M4A Zippyshare Omerta Support Facebook / iTunes
  2. 320 added!
  3. 320 added for maximum TEEHEE's!
  4. Post-hardcore band, At The Drive In will be releasing their first album in 17 years, titled "in • ter a • li • a" on May 5th via Rise Records Listen to the first song released from the album titled "Governed by Contagions" here Listen to the new song from the album titled "Incurably Innocent" here Tracklist: 1. No Wolf Like the Present 2. Continuum 3. Titling at the Univendor 4. Governed by Contagions 5. Pendulum In A Peasant Dress 6. Incurably Innocent 7. Call Broken Arrow 8. Holtzclaw 9. Torrentially Cutshaw 10. Ghost-tape No. 9 11. Hostage Stamps
  5. man i love korn
  7. 320 or V0'S are coolio
  8. writing a public message about spyro the dragon k

  9. This is great. I don't hear any signs of them going soft tho, but that's just me.
  10. bro, do you even grammar
  11. i will give the album a listen once it releases, but i'm not too hype for it. maybe the song will grow on me? maybe we will get a guitar driven song for the next single? idk I'm just not too much into this pop rock stuff