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  1. The only rapper I've ever helped get new organs. MN love. Everyone please support upon release. He's as good a dude as they come.
  2. I've missed these guys. When I am God kicked my ass back in the day.
  3. Thanks for this. His whole catalog is actually Pay What You Want right now, with all proceeds going to ACLU.
  4. It's like if SayWeCanFly met the members of Blood on the Dance Floor.
  5. They just keep getting more floaty... I miss the raw energy that they had that made their live shows so badass, the intense drums and the shouting and the emphasis on vocals. This just sort of wails along...
  6. A 360 degree lyric video... Interesting concept.
  7. Thank you! Don't know why I didn't see this before.
  8. This was posted back in March... These links generally don't stay up that long.
  9. Never heard of them, but I appreciate their Coheed-esque medium blending with comics. There should be more of this.
  10. Thank you!! Didn't even know these guys were still around.
  11. Met her at the start of her tour in Portland. Cool little lady.
  12. This is awesome!!
  13. Oh, hell yes.
  14. Not knocking it, but considering how much they are hyping this release as a departure from their previous work, this sounds exactly like Bayside has sounded since 2001.