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  1. two late 70's murderers on guitar...
  2. They consistently produce fantastic music, and their diversity is unreal. I'm more a fan of their "hard rock" side, but i dig their slower groove based tunes as well. Stereolithic will be a tough album to follow though... oh, and they're legendary in concert.
  3. no shit? i hadn't heard that info. "Of Malice..." is a masterpiece, and one of those albums that got me into the genre.
  4. getting that misery signal's vibe! never a bad thing...
  5. I didn't realize that he had died until this was released and i was reading about the backstory. i'm sure that his passing had alot to do with getting this out. i would love to get that bootleg from one of you guys if you wouldn't mind. i'm not seeing it available through my "other means"...
  6. i've listened to this nearly non-stop since monday. it's a fantastic album! it reminded me why i loved this band so much when their debut came out. it's just crazy to think it's been 15 years since "burn it black" and that this material has been finished since 2006. it's still very relevant hard rock. really unfortunate that it didn't gets the treatment/release it deserved.
  7. no kidding. "burn It black" was a gem, and i've been waiting for a follow up.
  8. fantastic album!
  9. love dave. outstanding album.
  10. such glorious riffs. kids, take note.
  11. was not expecting the drummer to do the cleans. totally threw me off.
  12. those are the options? shitty list...
  13. can't wait to give this a listen. mister asylum is one of the best rock albums of the last decade.
  14. they will never top Sleepwalking... ...and this album is not good.
  15. never refer to anything that Myles is involved in "basically a creed album." you fool.