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  1. i can't agree more!!! i love this man, whether he is doing Sun Kil Moon, or his solo stuff. he never disappoints! thanks, KL!!
  2. this is a great album so far!!! love this!!
  3. this is amazing!!!! where the hell have these guys been for like....the past 20 years!!?!? i used to worship this band!
  4. I loooooooooooove this band. Their last album was one of my fav's that year!! So stoked for this. Thanks KL!!!
  5. I cannot believe how much these guys still sound the same after being around for 25 years!! The dudes voice just doesn't age at all! And.....I dare say that their music gets better with every album! Way to go guys!
  6. i have been awaiting this album......oh I so hope this is good.
  7. I remember when this guy won American Idol. He is soooo good. I actually got this album when it came out and I really enjoyed it. Only listened to it a few times....but I am going to listen to it again right now!! Good pick!
  8. ahhh yes son!!! here we go!!!! come on January 20th!!!! get here soon!
  9. well, that video just made me cry. holy hell.....that's powerful. good song too.
  10. Yeah I can hear a bit of The 1975 in this.....when they are doing their more "mello" thing. I like this!
  11. i could not has said it better myself. AFI has always been in my top favorite bands, and it's nice to see them still putting out albums. Their last album was a bit of a disappointment for me....so I really really hope this is better. Davey just needs to go back to the glam / drag style he had in the early to mid-2000's.....they were just so dark and moody then. I so hope this is like that.
  12. lol me too. yaaay for us old guys! hahaha
  13. what exactly is this? is this something someone put together from here? or an official release?
  14. me tooo!!! i remember racing to Best Buy (LOL) to pick this up while on a 15-minute break from a job I had close by lol.
  15. these are always interesting, when they re-work an entire album. very excited for this one! Thanks, KL!!