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  1. Their new stuff is more pop-oriented, but when I saw them with Blink and ADTR last year their more poppy songs sounded good live. Still catchy and I like it.
  2. Look at the album artwork for Low Teens, it wasn't a jab at the music
  3. Cursed by Righteous Vendetta was the one release that really surprised me this month, but since it's not an option, Northlane it is. Just give April's to While She Sleeps already...
  4. When it was posted it said January 2016, it has been corrected
  5. This is one damn tasty pizza
  6. RIP Terry Barlow
  7. And I like this slice, can't wait for the whole pizza
  8. Whose dad owns a record label in this group?
  9. Did not realize who is in this band, it seems to be Pomegranate Tiger with a vocalist!!
  10. 1. Korn 2. NOFX 3. Sum 41 4. I Prevail 5. DGD
  11. Tough between Bad Vibrations and Better Ash than Dust, some real bangers this month
  12. First thought was, real original band name....HOLY IT IS KANSAS, great vintage sound too based on that youtube link