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  1. Nope, both called Curses, but it's the clean vocalist Martin Broda's new band. Not even remotely heavy!
  2. When it was posted it said January 2016, it has been corrected
  3. This is one damn tasty pizza
  4. RIP Terry Barlow
  5. And I like this slice, can't wait for the whole pizza
  6. Whose dad owns a record label in this group?
  7. Did not know that they had new material coming out! This is a fantastic surprise, very talented band!!
  8. They're all awesome regardless, it's a good dilemma to have for me. I think I'm more biased towards Abandon All Ships because I'm from Ontario and literally saw those guys play about 10-15 times and it was always amazing. But then again, I had a few drinks with I See Stars about two years ago. Most random thing too, I was at a music festival and walked into a bar with my buddy, started talking to these dudes and realized it was I See Stars. We just stood around talking and drinking and I was drunk enough at the time that I didn't even think to get a picture or anything with them. Really nice and chill dudes!
  9. Was literally just listening to this album and decided to check Kingdom-Leaks and saw it pop up. I'd say Geeving by Abandon All Ships gives it a run for its money though!
  10. Did not realize who is in this band, it seems to be Pomegranate Tiger with a vocalist!!
  11. Rawrdcore makes a comeback
  12. 1. Korn 2. NOFX 3. Sum 41 4. I Prevail 5. DGD
  13. Tough between Bad Vibrations and Better Ash than Dust, some real bangers this month
  14. Box of tissues and a bottle of wine ready for this....