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  1. I absolutely cannot stop listening to A Portrait Of. They really killed it on this one. Already know this will be one of my 2017 favorites. The one gripe I might have though, and it's just a very tiny one, is that the song New Room as a closer is a bit underwhelming. I really liked what they did on Joy, Departed and closed out both side A and B with the killer ~5 minute tracks. But, wow. I do think that this still beats Joy, Departed in terms of lyrical content and song structure. Hats off to this band and Mike Sapone as the producer.
  2. good band, would definitely recommend to those who like DIIV, Real Estate, or Tame Impala
  3. oooooooh new julien
  4. I know for a fact I'm going to really enjoy this, thanks so much.
  5. I expected disagreement or confusion, but I just could not take this album seriously. And I'm a Sum fan, especially of Chuck and Does This Look Infected?. I don't post here often either, but I just cannot unhear the Linkin Park and I just had to point that out.
  6. You just keep telling yourself that man. I never thought these guys could sound more cringy / generic than they have since the last decade on this album.
  7. oh hey, didn't know Linkin Park had a new album out.
  8. Thanks for the post! Great band, very underrated.