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  1. Thank @BRDSX for the recommendation.
  2. singer/songwriter/ PRODUCER EXTRAORDINAIRE! Water & Guns was great, i'm sure this will be too.
  4. because wampum is no longer an acceptable form of currency.
  5. It's the only one i like
  6. Dwesk buying something? now that's the unthinkable
  7. what was unthinkable?
  8. single

    for present day ATR this isn't bad at all. For the ATR of yesteryear, well lets not even go there.
  9. single

    i'll agree with you here, not on The Royal.
  10. not really.
  11. it's like iced tea on a summer day. this so damn refreshing. Totally needed this. Thanks.
  12. I'm right there with ya buddy. Couldn't get into their previous albums, nothing stuck. This on the other hand, this is something special.
  13. the guy on the album cover scares me.
  14. I like Vitja most so far.
  15. I was iffy about this release, but the singles have grown on me. Looking forward to giving this a good listen.
  16. Such a fun listen.
  17. wow, just wow. An absolutely stunning album. Mastodon crushed it, then killed it, set it on fire and stood there and laughed while it burned.
  18. Stutterfly, which is pre secrets and whispers
  19. this will put a party in your pants.
  20. Equal Vision keeps knocking it out of the park with their signings. Awesome album front to back.
  21. Ok I'm back on the Charlatan bandwagon. This preview has me super duper excited.
  22. different strokes for different folks.
  23. Blessing a Curse Deadships Redeem/Revive Villain of The Story Curses? Fear and Wonder The Following Now I See If I Were You
  24. kind of love this a little.