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  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed everything they've put out some more than others but EVERY album has been solid. Not sure if this is the direction they are going in so I can't judge them on that. This song though, it's what @BRDSX said, its rough.
  2. loving it.
  4. had no idea what this was, but it's quite good.
  5. Last I heard everyone but the 2 guitarists had left the band so probably a new singer.
  6. for those that don't know please please please listen to this. https://artbynumbers.bandcamp.com/album/reticence-the-musical
  7. single

    Same here. I'm all for the change but the singles have been pretty boring to me.
  8. Sweet. Art by Numbers was FANTASTIC!.
  9. I KNOW!
  10. no, yup yup!
  11. Not bad, better than I thought it was going to be. Edit: upon further listening it's better than not bad, it is very good.
  12. Uncle Jesse would be proud
  13. Never really cared for Volumes. Still don't really care for Volumes
  14. let me know when there is a OLN cover.
  15. So glad they made another album. They really have not lost their touch. Love it.
  16. Oh boy. Their EP was great. Not sure what to call this.
  17. All of this. Not the best but still good.
  18. wait, does this mean there will be anew album soon???????????
  19. single

    The guys have potential .
  20. Wow. Killed it. Love it
  21. this is some good stuff right here.