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  1. wasn't expecting this, but am thoroughly satisfied.
  2. you're all welcome.
  3. single

    This song > TWA discog, obvs
  4. Best solo artist out there.
  5. single

    this will be the next Blue Swan band.
  6. I would pick that one as their next best one.
  7. This is 100% their best song they've released.
  8. I have been wondering why the site takes like 30 secs to load and let me do anything lately. I hate it. I am for whatever stops that.
  9. wow this is giving me pre-2010s nostalgia. not cool dude.
  10. this is the type of shit that needs to show up more.
  11. this is a good find.
  12. apparently you haven't listened to the 2nd album by Jamie's Elsewhere. One of THE BEST albums of 2010.