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  1. Band sounds like Enter Shikari af. Not a bad thing though.
  2. > Cold World & RF, easily.
  3. I mean they always have been, but this song sounds very DGD-ish.
  4. like this better than new Volumes
  5. you're all welcome.
  6. single

    This song > TWA discog, obvs
  7. Best solo artist out there.
  8. single

    this will be the next Blue Swan band.
  9. I have been wondering why the site takes like 30 secs to load and let me do anything lately. I hate it. I am for whatever stops that.
  10. this is the type of shit that needs to show up more.
  11. apparently you haven't listened to the 2nd album by Jamie's Elsewhere. One of THE BEST albums of 2010.
  12. they were strictly metalcore their first 2 albums. Duh.
  13. I don't have respect for bands that turn their great music into shitty music.
  14. well their last 2 albums were a laughing stock for the metal community. If Aaron steps up and does both vocal duties he can probably Make OM&M Great Again.