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  1. No band can touch Sleeps right now. They set the bar for metalcore this year.
  2. This is really great honestly. I'm on board with this.
  3. This is so good, really refreshing sound.
  4. Is it some kinda Rise deal that bands have to reissue their albums with some kind of new content?
  5. Super fun song, loved them since Brand New Eyes and always will.
  6. Love me some dissonant tech death. Great stuff.
  7. This is sweeeet.
  8. single

    Been jamming these guys since Monument, still a fantastic band.
  9. I AM ERECT.
  10. Gotta go with The Great Collapse. Love Mesmer but it didn't hit me like FFAA who I've been listening to for years now.
  11. (Im)patiently waiting 320 kbs of You Are We and my preorder package....