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  1. Straight outta Halo with that cover art! Cannot go wrong with that art style, Reclaimer is even a legendary track off the OST for Halo 2. Dope
  2. You're most definitely the only one. This album fittingly hands him the crown for the game lol
  3. Cringe aside, you should without a doubt listen to MMF's first three albums. Sleepwalking, The Hollow (personal fav) and Challenger are all amazing works
  4. I was a closet fan of Unconditional. I'm a sucker for flawless metalcore production, even if it was a carbon copy of Challenger
  5. I'm so glad someone on this site has this name. You win the interwebs for the day, good sir
  6. I agree with a lot of the bands that get posted here. Usually the only thing that grabs my attention nowadays is pretty artwork.
  7. PSA: Bad lol
  8. Great production. Solid stuff
  9. I have been patiently waiting for this to drop! I'm seeing them with Chelsea Grin and Ice Nine Kills next week. Thank you so fucking much guys
  10. What are you fuckin' gay?
  11. Cringe album art is cringe
  12. I didn't know he was dropping!! I fucked with The Lock Sessions hard, great surprise
  13. I wish I could like this multiple times
  14. Listening rn fam Thanks for the upload as always. This is chill