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  1. Thank you LK
  2. Alex Terrible is fucking lit as hell dude. EP was great, can't wait for this shit to drop
  3. Holy shit the Shooting Stars meme is so dope lmao
  4. I'm not the biggest fan of That's The Spirit but there's no way in hell that this is even remotely better than BMTH lmfaoooo
  5. Can't get through the first two minutes of that single. Boring as fuck!
  6. Too much garbage and not enough substance! (Too much, to-too much!) seriously though, shit pile lol
  7. Fucking tight. Another solid release to look forward to.
  8. I just downloaded it, I'll give it a proper listen tomorrow morning during Calculus haha
  9. Yeah. I agree with you guys in that y'all are pretty rad haha
  10. That isn't your position to look down upon them for their choices regardless. This is a music website focused on getting new music out to as many people as know the site. They don't share their thoughts to be judged by elitists, save that for YouTube. Yeah, maybe I shouldn't have even said anything but elitism pisses me off, no matter the degree. Different albums mean different things to everyone.
  11. I can agree with you on some of the replies, but the post says "YOUR god-tier albums", not what society deems god-tier. Get over yourself lol
  12. How nice is this post! I've been on an instrumental streak lately, it's so wonderful. Another great addition, great relaxing/studying music!
  13. This. This a thousand times. +100 to Meme skill for Seinfeld appearance
  14. I have laughed at this thread for so long, I love you guys lmfao
  15. Sounds fucking cool! Interesting guitars for once haha