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  1. Are we doing ratings now ? 1. Doris - 9/10 - Breakdown was too short, I actually like that teehe part 2. Silence - 7/10 - Not so bad but boring 3. Listen - 4/10 - Boring and bad 4. Dying in a red room - 4/10 - I gave it 4 just because I love Deftones, because this is literally Deftones rip off and a dishonesty to them 5. Hold Me Up, Hold Me Down - 10/10 - Can't complain, this song rules 6. Run - 8/10 - At first listen it's weird, but you'll get used to it. Chorus is fun and catchy 7. The Zero - 6/10 - Not so memorable, it misses something but it's kinda good 8. Conformity - 5/10 - They tried to be emotional and it doesn't work. I mean it's not a bad song, the solo is good. ASP did it right with Memories of a glass sanctuary, but this compared to ASP is just bad, but listenable. I'll put it to my calm songs only playlist 9. Don't be careful, you might get hurt - 8/10 - This song is weird, I mean really really weird, especially the ending. But it's good, it's heavy, you can hear the classic SS in this
  3. Interresting
  4. I'm currently on mobile and wow this looks amazing. Can't wait to see Pc version

  5. I think that's subjective, I hated that mastering but I can somehow enjoy it now, it's raw and this song is great imho
  6. Upate: The mixing isn't bad, after thousands replays of Doris, I can see myself jamming to this and Doris nonstop. Could've been more screams in there, very chilly for SS also it sounds like heavier Deftones. And because I love Deftones, I love this. But honestly, this is content for a new band and not for SS
  7. Holy fuck, let's give it a listen, please be good I liked Doris
  8. what the fuck is this and why did you upload this
  9. Woho now we're talking, thanks