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  1. I haven't either but he has a very distinct unforgettable voice for some odd reason.
  2. Yeah, he sounds like Rascal Flatts if he ever went punk.
  3. Sounds like a british Across The Atlantic, pretty good new pop punk.
  4. Download it on your phone and get RAR to extract it, unless you have an iphone in that case good luck.
  5. Whoever said "this will be AOTY unless DGD drops another album" can seriously go get strapped onto the front of a semi truck and get their blood sucked out of them to run the truck like in Mad Max. DGD do not deserve another AOTY for their hot garbage.
  6. That's where you're wrong.
  7. 3 words. HOLY FUCKING SHIT
  8. is the guitarist Skrillex's twin brother or something
  9. eerrerrreee wub wub wub wub wub
  10. check it out big fella
  11. thank you
  12. Can anyone confirm this has more than 3 good songs
  13. he looks so confused and so serious
  14. so this is what the molester from botdf is up to now huh