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  1. local music

    Well they're not local in my area, but there's an awesome Post-Hardcore band from San Antonio, Texas that I really enjoy! They're called Lifelike and they released their debut Self-Titled EP last year and it's awesome! Here's a link to one of their songs https://youtu.be/MrPFB5wIOMI
  2. Carlo from Breakdown of Sanity is doing guest vocals on this record, so you know it's gonna be good!!! And I really enjoy Dreamcatchers so I'm excited for this New album!
  3. This song is awesome can't wait for the album!! It reminds me so much of Mi Ultima Solución!!!
  4. I tried getting into this band, I really did but I just can't. If they replaced the current vocalists for two others that are way better or just one vocalist that can do both, then maybe I'll give this band a chance
  5. Thanks for the discography Mr12!!! Hopefully you can find the other things I asked for but if not it's ok I'm grateful either way
  6. Thanks for the discography Mr12!!! Hopefully you can find the other things I asked for but if not it's ok I'm grateful either way
  7. Mr. Mr12 I also like to add to my request in addition to the Every Avenue discography, the discographies of korean artists EXO & Kim Hyun Joong if it's possible
  8. Ah dude this is great thanks man!!! I didn't get a chance last time so this is awesome, well um if it's not too much trouble I would like the discography of Every Avenue please
  9. Ah man why is it like this?! I always have a problem downloading in mega, I mean I'm grateful for the disco but I miss the old individual downloads
  10. I wish the album artwork made more sense with the album title. Vibrant means full of energy and enthusiasm, what does a floating ball of yarn has to do with it? I imagined like the artwork of There For Tomorrow A Little Faster. The album sound is very refreshing and very beautifully executed
  11. That's because that is him, That's Angel! Before joining King he was vocalist of this band, but he somehow managed to find a way to dedicate to both bands
  12. Graystar - Between Dreams And Waking it's an old Ep like 2007ish but I can't find it anywhere would really like to jam this Ep again
  13. Finally!!!! I'm excited for this album!!! Thank you whoever bought this!!!
  14. I loved this track!!! Can't wait to hear the rest I love it when Austin Sings!!!