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  1. Hope this is better than their last collab. In theory, a Jesu/Sun Kil Moon album should be amazing, but it was like the Lulu album...something that should have never been made.
  2. Reup pls?
  3. Sounds nice! Reminds me of Ulcerate a bit.
  4. So excited for this! Almost 2 months before it comes out??
  5. This band is heavy as fuck, good stuff.
  6. Legitimately a better song than most of the stuff posted on here.
  7. People are ALREADY covering the brand new Linkin Park single? I guess Nik Nocturnal has writers block.
  8. It's like a cross between Protest the Hero and Dance Gavin Dance, except not as good as either of them.
  9. Oh it's like Arch Enemy but not as good.
  10. I love Minus the Bear. I'm really enjoying this a lot. I've listened to it all the way through twice already, I think it's the best album they've made in 10 years.
  11. Unfollowed them on social media huh? Wow you really showed them!
  12. What happened to this band??? I guess Safe House is Phil's little murder fantasy about liberals.
  13. It's what I do man...sorry. I'm lonely.
  14. What's up with all these horrible band names nowadays?
  15. I got excited for a second because I thought this was THE Prodigy.