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  1. I think it's an interesting album. I've always found deathcore extremely boring, with the exception of a few bands. It's good to see them doing something different. I doubt they are too concerned with what people on a message board think.
  2. What the hell happened to this band? Is it all new members or something?
  3. Oh it's like Arch Enemy but not as good.
  4. I love Minus the Bear. I'm really enjoying this a lot. I've listened to it all the way through twice already, I think it's the best album they've made in 10 years.
  5. Unfollowed them on social media huh? Wow you really showed them!
  6. What happened to this band??? I guess Safe House is Phil's little murder fantasy about liberals.
  7. It's what I do man...sorry. I'm lonely.
  8. What's up with all these horrible band names nowadays?
  9. The first 20 seconds sound like Morbid Angel.
  10. In all honesty this is probably better than the stuff on this page that you guys enjoy.
  11. What does that even mean? That they make shitty music "ironically"?
  12. WTF...This stuff still exists???
  13. I got excited for a second because I thought this was THE Prodigy.
  14. I think RAW production quality actually works well for most grindcore. It gives it a dirty, grimy characteristic. But this album should be great. I have the preorder single and it's such a good song.
  15. Man...the metalcore Spitfire band is so much better than this.