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  1. When I saw this I was wondering what "post-grunge" would sound like, but after listening it makes sense.
  2. Yeah this was solid! Thanks @Smash_Adams =]
  3. Good chill music to listen to - there's probably much better comparisons out there but I kept thinking of Neon Trees and I The Mighty's "Oil in water ep" while listening
  4. I had to look up if this was the same band that released "I" since it sounded so different - I still prefer that album more, but this was enjoyable too. Reminded me of newer BMTH and Palisades personally.
  5. Thanks @Frak The Gods!!
  6. Newborn Mind was one of my favorites from last year (maybe even all-time) - that's all the recommendation I needed!
  7. sounds worth checking out! Digging the vocals a lot on the single
  8. pretty sick - I enjoyed it
  9. Into it, not sure if I like it better than Node yet.
  10. YES!! I'm super biased since this was one of the most influential albums when me and my friends were growing up, but I still love this new version. Besides a new level of clarity I really liked the little flourishes they added all over the place, and I think revisiting this before they write their next album will have an awesome impact! I had to switch the places of "Glorious Day" and "The Takeover" - the cd has to have that sweet sweet ending =]
  11. Stoked to check this out!! Might have to invest in their old eps too!
  12. I'm not familiar with Kurt Travis or the Money Pit but I'll check em out! =]
  13. Been waiting for this since you posted the video in the shoutbox! Thanks @BRDSX and @The Rotten King =]