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  1. I know it's not gonna win but the way we rust is actually a really solid record imo, and I still don't get the Northlane hype. they bring nothing new to the table and get tons of praise.
  2. single

    this is just weird. I like papa roach and all and I enjoy their last couple before too but this is just weird. it's like gospel trap skillet nu metal and that's the only way I can describe it
  3. single

    this new Seether record sounds a lot like their first two albums mixed with a little bit of new stuff. liking it a lot.
  4. I more enjoy the ashes to ashes album from Chelsea grin than their new one, I just enjoy their sound and they're really fun live, they're the first deathcore band I got into. I'll probably check this out though.
  5. is the worth a listen for a fan of Chelsea grin ? never listened to these guys
  6. single

    song is good, sounds poorly produced.
  7. *Donald Trump voice* "Wrong"
  8. it's good. closest thing to their older material so far. chorus is kinda cheesy but I still like it
  9. This song is weird. Eternally yours is better imo tho. It's like they're going back to wanna be Manson a bit in this one
  10. single

    already sounds better than most of isolate and medicate
  11. fuck yea
  12. Can't believe it's been two years, I remember waiting for this to come out. Good stuff
  13. im not even really a country fan but kane browns debut album was my favorite of December
  14. Honestly used to love TAA but this is literal trash lol. GarageBand production lmao
  15. At the 14 second mark in the acoustic you can literally hear the auto tune. Lol