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  1. Thank you! I didn't really care for their other albums, not sure what it was... this on the other hand is excellent. There are some amazing songs on here
  2. This album is amazing. Their best by far and I loved AHAH but this is on a different level. Thanks!
  3. It's a really good album, certainly unique.it took a few spins for my brain to comprehend what I had just heard
  4. Amazing, so good. Thanks!
  5. The recording on this is so much better than last album. The cleans can get repetitive, but overall this is pretty good. Certainly better than phantom
  6. This is a pretty good album no doubt, but the gift of life is so much better than this. Everything about it is better, from the riffs to the melodies to the vocals. This is really watered down. I still like it, very catchy... but after 3 years I'm not sure I'm overly happy. The energy they had is gone. 7.5/10 for me vs 9.5/10 the gift of life
  7. I wasn't crazy about this after first listen, some standout tracks and some I didn't care for. After a few listens it is growing on me. Certainly unique
  8. Holy fuck. This is outstanding.
  9. I really like this album, stayed true to their old sound.
  10. Only been waiting forever for this. I hope it lives up to my expectations
  11. Wow this is amazing. I had no idea they were still around.
  12. Had no idea this album was close to being done. It is fantastic. Thanks for this!
  13. Very different sound, but I like it a lot. The clean vocals work surprisingly well. Thanks for this!