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  1. Have to say that I expected a bit more.. but I like this early 2000' sound and the similarity to styg imo previous EP was better
  2. I was never a huge fan of them but this is (for me) totally unlistenable
  3. single

    The name change is really one of the worst things that I ever saw in this business but the song sounds like blossom bda really good work and I'm proud that we have such a nice band in this germany!
  4. It might be a good album but I guess not my style anymore.. I liked 2-3 songs but honestly, they're release the same album for the 4th time
  5. I vote Northlane for the worst release of this month
  6. awesome record, need much more attention.. "Down 'n Out" is sick
  7. I'm a bit disappointed
  8. sounds like with extra cheese
  9. the cover is way too wet
  10. sadly too much songs that I don't like.. I've made my own version: 01. Individualism 02. Self Ownership 03. Demon Rat 04. Statism 05. You Are You 06. Praxeology 07. The Professional Protester 08. Utopias Don't Exist 09. Let Me Live 10. Set Us Free like this it's great!
  11. It's fine
  12. what would happend if everyone quote always the whole post
  13. never heard of this drugs