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  1. Their self titled album is still one of my favorite albums ever, and it was thanks to this website way back in 2014 that I found it! Thank you guys for the great music as always
  2. This, without a doubt, will be one of the best albums of the year. Absolutely beautiful work.
  3. When you have to wait until late April for your vinyl copy of Happiness to ship after looking for that album for like 2 years


  4. I had never listened to this band prior to yesterday, but after hearing this new album, this band is fucking SICK. Shoutout to the record store I was in that was blasting this album
  5. Been a frequent KL visitor for about 2 years now and today I finally decided to donate! Just a thanks for all the good stuff you guys dish out for us <3

    1. pndi


      Welcome and thanks. Just be careful, and don't read the comments on albums' threads. It can be pretty childish and trollish around here.

    2. in-rainbows
    3. in-rainbows


      You too, my dude :D

  6. single

    Preordered the vinyl I'm so ready for this album, ATDI is one of my favorite bands ever and both singles are incredible :')
  7. This is my 3rd time creating an account on this website lol

    But it's good to be back fam <3