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  1. Not melodic enough for my taste to be honest. The cleans are amazing though. Like the vocalist so I'll wait and see what the next album is like.
  2. Thanks for this. Love their music
  3. Listening to that single it really sounds like they are trying too hard to be like Breaking Benjamin. They suck at it. Breaking Benjamin just has the perfect blend. That kind of passion can't be replicated.
  4. To be honest... The vocals suck
  5. This is a really good chill album I listen to it while I work.
  6. Not my style. But as you would have surmised by now, I am full of shit
  7. Horrible vocals. Meh
  8. What the actual fuck is this rubbish
  9. Yeah there's no evidence of rape. Social media always blows shit way out of proportion. Sending nudes to underage girls is not rape, but it is fucking disgusting so this guy is still a pig and deserves to have all his teeth knocked down his ass.
  10. Man is it just me or does Affliction have some In Flames influences from when In Flames was actually a good band. Solid record by Nightrage
  11. Another generic and uninteresting 2008 trend post hardcore band with no talent for proper songwriting