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  1. Put's their past work to shame. Good shit. Thanks Rotten King.
  2. Not bad i guess. Just sounds stale next to other metalcore bands..
  3. Good leak, bad quality. Either way good work. Ill wait for the 320
  4. The wait was worth it.
  5. If you're saying the cover is irrelevant you are severely mistaken. But I'm not complaining if that's what you thought. Not a bad album here! Enjoyable!
  6. I paused The Faceless for this. Not worth it. Also how is this pop rock? Its just pop to me. Awful.. Good upload though you guys.
  7. Pretty similar. But the album cover reminded me of this. Lol.
  8. Goddamn this album art is amazing!
  9. The Symphonies and cleans on this album are great. They nailed it.
  10. Maybe if it was Chasing Ghosts?
  11. Crystal Lake was SO good!
  12. Exactly what the fans wanted. A good remix and re-release of The New Reign? Fuck yes. Sign me up Take my money!
  13. What's Pokemon GO? I do know that Tyler nailed this song either way.
  14. Literally came here to comment about the similarity between the artwork. Lol.
  15. Well so does Cannibal Corpse. They dont employ breakdowns like them, but they do their music justice with their lyrical content, and its basically the same every album. So does that make them bad too?