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  1. Found this on Bandcamp a while ago and was interested in them. I'm loving the Japenese Metalcore. Any other bands like this? Only bands I know are Crossfaith and Coldrain.
  2. Am I the only one who liked Node?
  3. Fucking love surprise album drops. Such a ballsy move. "Well, if people are gonna buy it they probably will right away anyway so here ya go fuckers."
  4. single

    Not bad. Always knew Telle would move towards more clean singing, and that's fine cause he's damn good. Can't wait to see a BMTH, TWA, and Too Close To Touch tour. Would be cool.
  6. I mean, I loved this release so it's worth the money to me, but I guess some people will disagree. I know remasters and recrecordings divide the shit out of the community, but oh well.
  7. It's remastered. Maybe even rerecorded. Not sure, but definitely one of those. But yes, they probably needed some money and some people wanted a remastered New Reign.
  8. FOKIN BEW DEWN. What a classic. Got to see them before Jason left, and i'll always be happy because of it.
  9. Not actually half bad, listened to most of this on my way to work. Doris is still shit, but what i've listened to is about a decent 6 or 7. Very average, worth one or two listens for some people, and some will enjoy it a lot. Probably just my love for the Deaftones/Korn vibe. Dunno. Some raw vocals in there though, which I always dig. Can't wait to see Suicidethany Silencetano review it, if he even bothers.
  10. I think he likes it.
  11. Haven't even listened yet. Album of the century. The 20th century.
  12. They definitely were Deathcore, though more symphonic or whatever the term is, on their first two. Last one had such weird mixing I couldn't listen to it. The singles for this were meh but it's worth a listen since I liked the shit outta them years ago.
  13. Like a creepy, pink, robot Lights.
  14. It's no "school shooter" but a solid Iwanna/Killmyself.
  15. Was going to ask if all their songs were as weird as the link, but I checked another and "I'm gonna kill the little Hitler inside me" Earned a download from me dude. Reminds me of the movie Frank. Weird noises, stupid lyrics, and a whole lotta fun. I'm gonna go move to fuckin Portland now.