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  1. Blessed.
  2. I'll never get sick of this band. I've been waiting for this release since 2014. Can't wait
  3. Lejjjjjjends
  4. I wish Bagel would come back into the line up. I miss his cleans
  5. It's the like Saosin and From Indians Lake had a love child.
  6. I forgot I was waiting for this album. That single was so good. Glad someone tossed it up on KL. Thank you!
  7. Spicy
  8. Hometown boys. I've must of seen these guys live 100 times. Glad to see them on here and getting some much deserved attention!
  9. Hot diggity dog I'm excited.
  10. Picture metal, right? but its abstract and groovy
  11. Doug is a champ. Haven't heard from him in a while. Glad he's still making music.
  12. Fire.
  13. Been waiting so long for this. I could cry.