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  1. This album needs way more attention than its getting, holy shit!!!! This album is fucking amazing!!!
  2. Definitely way better than I was expecting but idk if anything will ever be as good as "This world is ours" this is still pretty damn filthy
  3. Not gonna lie, I'm a fan of this song. Feel like their clean vocalist really hit his stride on this one.
  4. Fuuuuuuuck so happy with how good this is, the end hits me hard every time. So hyped for their new album.
  5. So hyped that it's Rory Rodriguez from day seeker doing all the vocals on this track, its like having a new dayseeker song. So damn good.
  6. Album comes out August 19th and it has 13 songs, the full track list is up on alt press
  7. Single

    Was just talking to a friend about how I wish Sam would do cleans eveyonce in awhile, he has great cleans, and has guest featured cleans on past singles. Such a dope song, big fan of the lyrics also. Pumped to hear more.
  8. Soooooooooo hyped right now
  9. This is pretty good, interesting and pretty heavy, some seriously damn good breakdowns.