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  1. Fucking amazing. They're back.
  2. Calloused had some sick songs, but I love how these new song sound like they're going back to their hardcore roots
  3. I hope you're not saying that Pulling Teeth was bad and that these singles are disappointing compared to Calloused.
  5. Did you even listen to it before commenting this
  6. God DAMN When The Bulbs Burn Out and Hydra are good.
  7. single

    I can't really get into this band, but I can see how people would love this.
  8. single

    Definitely pretty boring compared to Dark Matter. It sucks cause we all know they can do better than this. Dark Matter was softer, but at least the melodies were catchy as hell. This is just, okay I guess.
  9. single

    Man that opening riff is definitely subpar for a song written by Will Putney but the rest of the song is complete fire and makes up for it. Probably my favorite one yet. Iron Moon had me a bit worried, but this is reassuring. The riff in the verses is one of the coolest riffs that they have ever written, and that chorus hits hard (lyrically and musically). Only other complaint is that the end breakdown just seems kinda out of nowhere. They acted like they were gonna do a big buildup, but shortened it to only one line and got right into it. Went straight in without lube. But yeah this song is fantastic and I can see why all the reviewers this far have been saying that this is one of the best on the record.
  10. Love this. That atmospheric riff is gorgeously written. Chorus could've been a little better but I really dig this.
  11. single

    Did these guys just like jump into the studio the day after Dark Matter was released wtf handy even been a year
  12. I definitely noticed. The song almost feels out of place but it's so good.
  13. Can't Swim - Fail You Again
  14. You will not regret this decision.
  15. Second listen favorites: What's Your Big Idea? $50,000,000 Friend Hey Amy Kid Molly's Desk Stranger Quitting So essentially, 2/3 of the album are my favorites.