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  1. Hearing no fun made me cream my pants. Just a little disappointing the rest doesn't seem to be "heavy" like they keep saying.
  2. single

    im not so excited after these singles. They sound like b sides from there best album.
  3. Like every other emmure album the mix is HORRIBLE. All of the instruments have this airy weightless feel to them where it is almost impossible to discern all the parts. There are some cool grooves here but its just to few and far between. I never understood the love for this band.
  4. Never heard these guys but this is sounding really promising! Im really glad I listened to the preview as almost every song sounds great and they seem to cover a wide gamut of styles.
  5. any other album info out there?
  6. Love this band but anyone feel that this album is basically one long song? just minor variations each track.
  7. Metallica albums are usually growers but this album after such strong singles I was a little underwhelmed. Definitely not the immediate impact the last album had. Seems like its a little lacking in the riff department.
  8. why does noone care!! such a good band!
  9. first listen was a little underwhelming. Hook wise its not as instant as TPS. Take me is easily the best chorus for me so far. But at the same time most albums that have some depth dont hit me upon first listen.
  10. I usually dont love a chorus this much right away but damn that was good! I just wish the riff was a little better. kind of a shame. If it had a better riff this might of been one of my fav korn songs of all time. So far this album is sounding great but I noticed every song so far seems to have 1 minor thing that if changed could of made it soooo much better. Insane...great song but chorus is weak. Different world..pre chorus should have been extended cause its great. RIV is actually the strongest overall so far.
  11. Well im happy the guitars actually have some presence and doesnt sound like mush.
  12. Seems like a lot of bands are using the same tone and tuning these days. I keep thinking of sylar. Attilia now dayshell. Still good but a little lacking in the riff department and expected a little more chorus wise especially with shaleys awesome voice. I feel like with dayshell a lot of the riffs that are there just sound all to similar to each other. Open low e chug chug than A# string on 6th fret rinse and repeat all to a speedy tempo. This is only first listen and I still dig it just hoped I would hear a little more growth.
  13. It sounds like a shitty version of sylars new album