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  1. artwork gives off the wrong vibe, I can rock this.
  2. Dont waste it by eating like crap, eat right and capitalize on your gains.
  3. i can totally rock this, love this nu metal sound.
  4. Gem, band is gem
  5. Literally sounds like a metalcore version of Deadlock and that is a good thing. A rare female heavy album that I enjoy.
  6. Very Napoleon-esque. Very good.
  7. I know it is blasphemy to talk about something else besides Northlane as of this date ( 3/24/17 ) but this album is awesome.
  8. Good. So was Node and Singularity and Discoveries, so duh.
  9. OHOH album IS awesome I agree and so is Mutiny Within, good choices.
  10. yes! catchy band, solid music.
  11. single

    Yup,First 2 albums are outstanding. Very promising new tunes.
  12. Decent, previous album will be better.
  13. single

    I like it, new singles have been much better than anything in a long while. Still not great but listenable finally.
  14. Anything that mixes in Meatloaf vibes is cool in my book
  15. This really needs no comment, it is understood that it is gold.
  16. Vocals are outstanding. Whole thing is outstanding.