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  1. A beautiful comment, beautiful I say. This isn't mainstream though so little love will be bestowed upon this shiny gem.
  2. It is a fully rerecorded album, probably the most worthy re-release in a long time since it is actually made up of effort. It literally sounds different, this couldn't be farther from a " buy it again because fuck you " release. This is an actual re-release not a money grab. Just my opinion, wish there were more like it.
  3. I dig it, not usually into acoustic. Love that these guys just do what they want now and don't care about the noise. Into these guys from the start, great discography.
  4. Very good start to finish, will be overlooked.
  5. single

    It's just something you seem to be saying a lot recently that you never did before, but ok...
  6. single

    What's up with you and hating choruses, it's weird
  7. single

    Nice, new singer is good. Really liked their previous releases.
  8. Well this is great, completely forgot about this.
  9. Gold, check out their previous work as well, awesome band.
  10. Indeed better vocalist, hopefully not as much of a dumbass. This is Down & Alright though.
  11. Awesome stuff. Take all their songs and tag them into one full album and there you go! Awesome band and great eps.
  12. Very good, unique in the genre for sure