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  1. thanks @Smash_Adams
  2. Underwhelming compared to their previous album and ep. Excited to see new tunes though, this is bordering on the boring downtempo ( just my opinion ).
  3. Not into these at all ( great work on them by the way finding obscure covers and not going for popular stuff ) but it did make me rock some Oasis again, amazing band.
  4. Yea its not doing it for me, unfortunately.
  5. Wasn't Trying to be a dick just trying to understand /sorry
  6. clearly "/opinion" jus had no idea what the hell you were talking about.
  7. This dudes voice is outstanding, such an underrated band.
  8. seems like you need better protection, like I said in chat, seems like a YOU thing.
  9. This is going to be huge, sounds like a Nu-metal Blood Youth. Seriously awesome.
  10. Good stuff, excited to see what they can do with Sumerian.
  11. artwork gives off the wrong vibe, I can rock this.
  12. Dont waste it by eating like crap, eat right and capitalize on your gains.