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  1. I am very happy Aaron is going to be in the spotlight again, dude is a killer vocalist and is somehow surprising people STILL when it comes to his talent.
  2. You mean Aaron Pauly is talented? Has been in an awesome band before and was drastically under used in OM&M? Who knew!?!?
  3. This is so damn good. So many The Doors feels to this, and is so Charlie Manson.
  4. So great, easily one of the best singers out there. Can't stop listening to this.
  5. Another Blue Swan band better than DGD ( relax KL ), this makes it move.
  6. i forgot to say this is outstanding.
  7. I really like these new tunes more than Capture The Crown tunes. R.I.P. people that cant accept bands doing something different.
  8. ABFPB Revison:Revise is an OUTSTANDING post hardcore album. Patterns is a killer tune.
  9. This is outstanding, insanely catchy and has Nu Metal sprinkled all over it.
  10. I would just label it " Awesome "
  11. yes it does, its a very good album