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  1. Video is pretty dopey The song itself is nothing special imo
  2. Welp its a little short isn't it? I listened through it while playing and didn't even notice it was over. I think its forgettable. Its not bad but its nothing special either. Maybe it'll grow on me in future listens
  3. single

    not even close lmao getting all the hate for only pointing out lmao
  4. single

    Looks familiar
  5. They sound like death cab for cutie a lot. I will probably like them.
  6. i thought it was a new album from the band "the bad chapter"
  7. it's actually pretty good cool to see/hear some nice female rappers
  8. Oh yes, been waiting for new stuff from these guys. Fucking love them.
  9. Idk, sounds like the early wolfmother to me
  10. Their name is a fucking pun, theres a porn actress in germany and her name is gina wild
  11. Wheres the track called "kanye west"?
  12. I really like the color scheme used in the video
  13. I really liked this. Got some nice 80's vibes. Cover too. Somewhat makes me think of vice city
  14. I throughoutly enjoyed this. Might be my favourite record from cte. I see how they went the bmth - thats the spirit way. I like it. I liked thats the spirit (best bmth album imo, 8/10) and i more than like retrograde. 9/10, makes me wish they'd release tracks like aftermath as singles.
  15. This is the best single from retrograde imo