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  1. I really hope this album has a good mix of both tbh
  2. Anyone got a working link? edit: nevermind. Like this more than Warcry for sure. Can't wait for this album
  3. Oh shiiiiiiiittttt
  4. Why are your feelings hurt?? lmao
  5. Left for Dead is a terrible closer track
  6. Id say this is closest to RF but not the first two. At all.
  7. Typically I don't disagree with you dwesk but come on now. This sounds NOTHING like the S/T or The Flood
  8. Not gonna listen to this but to whoever made the album art: good choice using Shay Maria
  9. Jay Z should not be on this song
  10. Ok this hard
  11. I'm not mad or anything. I'm just trying to understand your viewpoint lmao
  12. "No real reason for not liking something other than not being open to something new or different" are you being serious with saying that? Please tell me you're not...
  13. Dude, you can't changes peoples minds. Opinions will be opinions. If people like the old shit more then let them and if they like the new shit more? Awesome. If they like both? Even better. People are allowed their own opinions whether or not you like them. It's evident that Northlane don't care what people think and their fans shouldn't either. Can't let it make you all butthurt.
  14. Halfway through and I'm getting bored. Sigh. Please pick up in the second half. I really want to like this. Edit: first breakdown to grab is on track 9. Jesus.
  15. Not bad but I found it forgettable after a while.