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  1. Halfway through and I'm getting bored. Sigh. Please pick up in the second half. I really want to like this. Edit: first breakdown to grab is on track 9. Jesus.
  2. Not bad but I found it forgettable after a while.
  3. So this is better than Node?
  4. So this is actually happening? Dropping tomorrow?
  5. How are you gonna sit there and tell someone what they're gonna feel? The fuck? Lol
  6. Yeah, I actually went and checked after making my post and it is pretty polarizing. I'm kinda surprised tbh.
  7. Not gonna lie, this was pretty underwhelming and I'm 99% sure that everyone over on r/metalcore is probably shitting themselves and thinking this is the second coming of Christ or something
  8. RIP to that great band </3
  9. Anyways, listening to this right now and I'm really trying my best to not switch to something else. This is a borderline incomprehensible poopoo pile.
  10. I really hope this dudes anger is some really advanced level of trolling or something hahaha I actually hope he's not mad over some stupid shit like this i vote crust as hero of the thread
  11. Are feelings really being hurt in this thread... good heavens people.
  12. Fuck yeah. Thanks for this.
  13. Don't be daft. It has nothing to do with how the election went but who he is as a person and what he represents. For fucks sake.
  14. Natural, expected progression, however it strays closer to being a Node B-side then more of something all it's own