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  1. name checks out. https://www.google.lt/search?q=mega+lolz&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiaqN2jxqjSAhXIWxoKHaw3D64Q_AUICCgB&biw=1366&bih=638
  2. Before Dennis was even in AA lol.
  3. single

    well there's always these crazy mofos for your 11/10 lyricism and amazing songwriting needs.
  4. single

    I know what you mean, I appreciate linear songwriting so much. Even if it's a 2-3 minute song, I'd rather take that than a predictable, but solid 4-5+ minute one most of the time.
  5. single

    Because Kingdom of Giants is another band that fell for the jarring chorus meme. The cleans are really good tho.
  6. single

    some choruses flow well into the song, some don't, some choruses are sung too many times into the song, some don't. 2 choruses in 80 seconds is too many times for my tastes. Otherwise, great song.
  7. single

    too many choruses ruin a great intense song
  8. 24 minutes of greatness, much better than last two albums
  9. Every song is great but 4 songs in ~3 years is just... too little to satiate the thirst ;_;
  10. I mean I get it, I like top tier bands and I'm vocal about it but I heard this song when it was past midnight in Lithuania and even mentioned to @LKA and @Lukyfan when it was past midnight in GMT+1 as well but *whoosh*
  11. I just realized that this is the perfect marketing song lol. First of all it's the softest/most melodic single yet, which instantly attracts more of the mainstream, at the same time it has ft. Oli Sykes stamped on it, which in turn attracts at least some of the recently exponentially grown BMTH fanbase, so by having such an attractive song with all the potential listeners flocking in from another fanbase they did themselves a huge favor which might ease the new people for the rest of the music, and the funniest part is that Oli's feature is already heavier than the way he sang on TTS, and is a lot more Sempiternal/There Is A Hell kind of vocals, so that also in turn might broaden some minds that just got into BMTH after TTS release and couldn't get into Sempiternal or god forbid, anything before that. Win/win/win?
  12. I was listening to it before Teehee got uploaded lol, and yes, the song is amazing, the feature wasn't the best case scenario, wasn't the worst case either, vocals fit in with WSS's style and went nicely.